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In derby match of Round 8 in Serbian Superliga, Partizan beat Crvena zvezda 29:26 (10:13) as a visitor in front of 1300 domestic fans.  Crvena zvezda has six goals advantage 17:11 in 35th minute, but then Partizan led by former player of UCM Resita, Bojan Butulija make a big reversal.Crvena zvezda – Partizan 26:29 (13:10)Spectators – 1300Hala “Šumice”Refeeres – Stojković i NikolićCrvena zvezda: Ivanišević, Živković 4(1)/8, Pešić 3/5, Pantelić 1/1, Perović 3/3, Đurić 3/5, Ristić, Ljubišić 10 saves, Pušica 0/1, Stojanović 1/4, Leković 3/7, Jokić, Trivundža 4(1)/9, Zelenović 4/10Partizan: Ljubenovićthree saves , Butulija 7/11, Minić, Radanović B. 2/4, Dimitrijević 3/8, Maksić 4/8, Marinković, Milić 9 saves and three 7 meter shoot, Radanović S. 2/2, Pilipović 1/2, Ilić 3/4, Kostadinović 4/5, Marjanac, Mešter 3/8.Man of the Match: Bojan Butulija (Partizan)Results: 0:2 (4.) 4:3 (12.) 5:5 (16.) 10:6 (23.) 11:9 (29.) 15:10 (31.) 17:11 (35.) 18:14 (39.) 18:17 (41.) 20:21 (44.) 23:23 (50.) 23:26 (53.) 26:27 (58.)[youtube][/youtube]photo: ← Previous Story MKB Veszprem wins in Szeged Next Story → Spain-Croatia, farewell to Rolando Urios Bojan ButulijaCrvena zvezda BeogradPartizan BeogradSerbian handball read more

← Previous Story Argentinians in France: Gallardo invites 7 players from Europe Next Story → VIDEO: Handball Hollywood in Kielce! handballHANDBALL BOOKnikola radic book Do you want to learn more about Balkan handball school? The perfect way to do that is to read one of the most popular handball books “From the beginner to TOP player” which will help you to find out more about the secrets of one of the best handball region in the world. Book is written by Nikola Radic, experienced Slovenian coach, which work made a great success in Slovenia, but also other Ex-Yu countries as Croatia, Serbia, etc…Here you can find what the most known names of handball coaching from the Balkans as Lino Cervar, Dragan Adzic, Branislav Pokrajac and others said about the book…COACHESABOUT THE AUTHOR AND PREFACEcontact author: read more

← Previous Story BUNDESLIGA RACE: Kiel 7 goals behind RNL! Next Story → Fruitful weekend for Pick Szeged Many excited teenagers were gathered in Arilje in Southwest Serbia this weekend to participate in the first youth handball tournament arranged in the region.In total 20 handball clubs from all of the countries in the former Yugoslavia participated in the handball tournament “Arilje for Friendship 2014”, lasting from May 1st -4th.Due to the little contact and communication between the young population in the region, the organizers of the tournament “HC Arilje handball club” wanted to arrange a sport tournament in order to create new contacts and friendships between youth in the underdeveloped parts in the region.The handball clubs participating were thus coming from rural areas where there are few opportunities for youth to travel and visit the neighbouring countries, according to the organisers.Judging by two of the contestants experiences, the tournament and the weekend spent in Arilje was a great success regardless of the heavy rain which poured down during the Serbian 1st of May holiday this year.Both Eldin Curovac from Goradze, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kristina Petrovic from Zeta, Montenegro, who were both staying at the same floor during the tournament, could tell that they had already become friends as they were socializing in the evening time.“The disco on Friday was excellent”, exclaimed both of them when asked about their experiences from Arilje.“I hope that the tournament will be arranged also next year”, told Kristina.Her wish might come true, as the organisers were very positive about the chances of arranging the handball tournament also next year, making it an annual tournament.“The know-how gained in 2014 will be used to organise the tournament the coming years”, told Ilija Jovic, project manager and sport enthusiast.It was clear from the enthusiasm and positive atmosphere at the last day of the tournament on Sunday May 4th that the participants and organisers had very positive experiences from the tournament.“Almost the whole local community in Arilje has been involved. Everyone wants to help out and has wholeheartly done so”, said Jovic.The winners of the tournament were HC Samot Arandjelovac (Male) from Serbia and HC Knezopoljka Kozarska Dubica I (Female) from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The best players and trainers were also awarded next to the three best teams. Photos and other information can be found at the tournament’s Facebook page.The tournament was supported by the Norwegian embassy through the Embassy fund with EUR 15 500/NOK 125 000source: read more

PRESS RELEASE OF ICELANDIC HANDBALL FEDERATIONThe Icelandic Handball Federation (HSI) have been asking  for data from the European Handball Federation (EHF) and the International Handball Federation (IHF) regarding the decision to award an open place to Germany in World Championship in Qatar 2015.In a letter from EHF it is stated that no information had been sent to them regarding this decicison and they refer HSI‘s request to IHF.A letter from IHF from yesterday, Tuesday 15th July, contains explanations given why Oceania was deprived of qualification. They refer to former communication between IHF and Oceania and HSI is not in any situation to assess the legitimacay of that decision but have doubts that retroactive decision passes law after the qualification competion has started.Regarding the decision to award the open place to Germany, it is asserted on behalf of IHF that a decision on changing article 2.8 that deals with how to allocate an opening, was taken by IHF Council on May 30th 2014 and that was done so that the change would take place before it was known which nations would qualify through play-offs.We have it confirmed by members of IHF Council that no meeting was held on May 30th 2014. On the other hand it seems as e-mails had been sent to members where it is requested that they  give permission to change regulation.It is therefore clear that the decision was not taken on May 30th 2014 as is asserted, but it was done on July 8th 2014.It is in accordance with the fact that this change of regulation was not discussed at an EHF board meeting in June and that EHF gave out a statement on June 16th 2014 that Iceland would be the first nation to take place in World Championship in Quatar 2015 if some nation would withdraw.HSI considers that changes that are made in rules and regulations regarding participation and competions rules will not take effect until the start of next competion. It is much more relevant in  the case of  burdensome decisions. That is based on general law definitions that apply equally to IHF regulations as other rules and regulations.When the decision on July 8th was taken the qualification had started and the play-offs had been played and it was clear which nations qualified and what nation would have the right to take the open place if some nation would withdraw.HSI have required to IHF that Iceland will be given the place that is open immediately and also demanded that the president of EHF which is also a member in the IHF Council will act on our behalf.We have demanded answears before the end of July 17th.With kind regards,Icelandic handball federationGuðmundur B Ólafsson, presidentEinar Þorvarðarson, secretary general germangermany handballIceland handballQatar 2015 ← Previous Story “HERCULES” GOES HOME: Milutin Dragicevic is back to RK Metaloplastika Šabac! Next Story → Who will be the first star of Men’s U2O EURO 2014? read more

← Previous Story Germany is Men’s U20 European Champion! Next Story → Gislason’s advice for Vranjes: “Double-function, no thanks! Romania has won the Women´s Youth (U18) World Championship. In a one-sided final in Ohrid (Macedonia) they beat the team from Germany with 32:21. Due to an impressive performance in defense the Romanian played it more successful during the initial stages of this final. A 4:1 lead after seven minutes forced the German coach to take an early time time-out, to bring his team back on course. First of all without the presumed effect. Romania had the greater efficiency in attack and built up their lead to a 7:1 (13.). The match seemed to be pre-decided only after a quarter hour. In the following minutes the furious attacks of the Romanian girls went on and they extended their lead up to 11:3 after 20 minutes. The Germans did not find any means to be successful against the Romanian defense up to that moment. During the last ten minutes of the first half the German girls tried to bridge the gap, but they were only partly successful. A residue of eight goals at break (7:15) did not leave much hope for the Germans.Coming back to court for the second half the German team started a last attempt to come up again. But today they were not able to endanger a Romanian team, who played it tough and as unleashed and with less mistakes than their inferior competitor. They built up their lead to 22:12 when the match was already decided (42.). During the last quarterly hour the Romanians played it with passion and a lot of spectacular actions to the end. After the final whistle they were celebrating their unexpected title for minutes and minutesPHOTO & TEXT: IHF read more

Adriatic World Young Female handball player ← Previous Story ADRIATIC World Young goalkeeper 2015/2016? Next Story → BEACH HANDBALL WCH 2016: Best ever on Margit-sziget Members of the Jury:Patrick Andersen (Denmark, Agena (Argentina, HP Team)Clement Domas ( TEAM (France)Zorica Radojkovic (Serbia, Grčman (SIOL, Slovenia)Stig Nygard (TV 2, Norway)Matteo Aldamonte (FIGH, Italy)Sergei Novikov (PRESSBALL, Belarus)Sergey Prigolovkin (, Russia)Ibolya Szekeres (Time Out Magazine, Hungary-Norway)Nagore Odriozola (HP team, Spain)BURGAARD AND looking for the thied best player on the Earth in the history of our Contest. Danish right back Louise Burgaard (2013/2014) won title two years ago, while in the previous season, Russian playmaker Daria Dmitrieva was the BEST.BUDUĆNOST AND SAVEHOF – HUNGARY AND MONTENEGROThe biggest number of nominations for ADRIATIC FEMALE WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2015/16 got girls from ŽRK Budućnost – 4.  The second power coming from IK Savehof (3), while two nominations in opinion of journalist’s Jury have Gyori Audi ETO KC  HCM Baia Mare, ŽRK Radnički Kragujevac and FTC.In total, 28 nominees coming from 19 teams.Situation with the national teams is a little bit different (13 in total). Hungary giving the biggest number of players (5) followed by Montenegro (4), Romania and Sweden (3).ADRIATIC – PREMIUM PARTNERThis year the official name of the Contest will be ADRIATIC WORLD YOUNG FEMALE HANDBALL PLAYER 2015/2016 as we joined our forces with ambitious international youth handball tournament – ADRIATIC, which will be held on summer 2017 on beautiful Adriatic Coast in Croatia.  Following the huge success of the World Best Handball Players and Handball PERSON contests and with the clear vision to praise and recognize the potential of some young – new forces in our sport, for the third year in a row, organizes the voting Contest for the ADRIATIC WORLD FEMALE YOUNG HANDBALL PLAYER 2015/2016. Eleven handball journalists from Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Argentina, Italy, Russia and Belarus made the nominations of 28 players (four per position).The last member of Jury are the visitors of, which votes will be included in the final result.Contest including the girls born in 1994 and younger.Please vote for the ADRIATIC WORLD YOUNG FEMALE HANDBALL PLAYER 2015/2016 until May 27.LEFT WING – VOTEAna-Maria Tanasie (HCM Baia Mare – Romania)Dorina Korsos (Gyori Audi ETO KC – Hungary)Ivona Pavicevic (ŽRK Budućnost Podgorica – Montenegro)Sanja Radosavljevic (ŽRK Radnički Kragujevac – Serbia)LEFT BACK – VOTEDjurdjina Jaukovic (ŽRK Budućnost Podgorica –Montenegro)Anne Mette Hansen (Kobenhavn Handbold – Denmark)Julia Eriksson (IK Savehof – Sweden)Gabriela Perianu (HCM Baia Mare – Romania)PLAYMAKER – VOTEDaria Dmitrieva (Lada Togliati – Russia)Gabriella Toth (Gyori Audi ETO KC – Hungary)Xenia Smits (Metz Handball – Germany)Cristina Laslo (Alexandrion Cluj Napoca – Romania)RIGHT BACK – VOTELuca Szekerczes ( FTC – Hungary)Monika Kobylinska (Vistal Gdynia – Poland)Andjela Janjusevic (ŽRK Radnički KG – Serbia)Emma Ekenman-Fernis (IK Savehof – Sweden)RIGHT WING – VOTEAnna Vyakhireva (Astrakhanochka – Russia)Viktoria Lukacs (FTC – Hungary)Sara Ristovska (ŽRK Vardar – Macedonia)Marie Prouvensier (Cercle Dijon – France)LINE PLAYER – VOTEEma Ramusović (ŽRK Buducnost – Montenegro)Ainhoa Hernandez (BM Zuazo – Spain)Vilde Ingeborg Johansen (Larvik HK – Norway)Sara Trier Hald (TT Holstebro – Denmark)GOALKEEPER – VOTEBlanka Biro (VAC – Hungary)Dinah Eckerle (Thuringer HC – Germany)Hanna Eriksson (IK Savehof – Sweden)Ljubica Nenezic (ZRK Buducnost – Montenegro) read more

Serbia and Sweden are the teams which will start Main Round in Gothenburg at Women’s EHF EURO 2016 in Sweden. These two teams played fantastic thriller in Stockholm last night which ended – 30:30, after 60 minutes of great battle.Kristina Liscevic netted equalizer only four seconds until the final whistle and silenced 6.000 domestic fans at HOVET Arena.Both teams start with three points.Spain are almost out of the tournament after win over Slovenia 30:18 which gives them a chance to chase rivals, but with no points in Gothenburg.France, Netherlands and Germany will bring with them to Gothenburg two points each. Dutch girls showed their TOP quality against France 18:17, while Germany had tough job in clash with Poland 23:22, the team who are going home after three matches.STANDINGS:Sweden 3Serbia 3The Netherlands 2France 2Germany 2Spain 0 ← Previous Story Romanian goalkeeper Dedu stops Olympic winners Next Story → Norway and Denmark close to semi-finals! read more

The two Chinese national team members, Wang Quan and Zhao Chen will get some of European handball experience by playing at Croatian RK Zamet Rijeka.This is the first time that we leaving China to play in some foreign club. We were only in Europe for preparations. This will be a completely new experience for both of us. We will give our maximum in new jersey, on matches and training sessions. We had a warm welcome and waiting for debut – said Chinese guys before the first match which RK Zamet won against RK Metalac 20:18. Chinese handballRK Zamet ← Previous Story Gyori Audi ETO KC beat CSM Bucharest in derby for the first place in Main Round Next Story → GENERATION 2000 TO START IN BUGOJNO: The 6th “Handball is my future”

first_imgI don’t believe any NAMA staff have gone off and used information for their own benefit.He did say that it was inevitable staff would be poached and that is posing a challenge.Dublin council to sell The Square Towncentre’s car park to NAMA>Concern about NAMA handing over properties it can’t sell for social housing> THE CHAIRMAN OF the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) Frank Daly has said they will be investing “a minimum” of €2 billion in the Irish property market.Speaking on RTE’s The Business radio show, he said the €2 billion should be invested by the end of 2016.He said that this was an addition to the €500 million that NAMA has already invested “directly back into the economy, through residential and commercial developments.”TallaghtHe said NAMA had an agreement with South Dublin County Council in relation to buying the car park in The Square in Tallaght with the view to developing the square. He said NAMA had an interest in the shopping centre and would be making an application to do major development work on the shopping centre.The development would create 300 jobs in construction and a further 400 jobs after that as new shops move in, said Daly.In addition to speaking about investment he said that NAMA was dealing with more than 850 debtors and has 140,000 houses and apartments under its control.Daly said that €13 billion had been generated in revenue from rents and from disposals of assets and properties since its establishment.When asked about the controversy about staff leaving NAMA and working in the private sector, he said:last_img read more

first_imgA SENIOR Republican senator has alleged that Barack Obama’s administration deliberately covered-up details of the attack on a US consulate in Libya that killed four Americans, including the American ambassador.South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham told CBS’s ‘Sunday Morning’ programme he believed the administration knew that the attack in Benghazi – which took place on the 11th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks – was a coordinated militia assault within 24 hours of it taking place.He says the administration described the attack as a spontaneous protest gone awry so that voters would think al-Qaeda had been dismantled by President Barack Obama.Graham said: “Either they are misleading the American people or are incredibly incompetent.”The White House declined to comment on Graham’s allegations.It has said previously that an investigation is under way and officials have spoken to the matter as intelligence became available.The attack resulted in the death of four people, including US ambassador Christopher Stevens.last_img read more

first_imgLANCE ARMSTRONG IS stepping down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer-fighting charity to help it limit the damage from the doping scandal that has snared the former champion cyclist.Armstrong announced the move this afternoon, a week after the US Anti-Doping Agency released a massive report detailing allegations of widespread performance-enhancing drug use by Armstrong and his teams. The document included testimony from 11 former teammates.Also this afternoon, sportswear giants Nike have announced they will no longer be associated with Armstrong.“Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him,” a statement reads.“Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner. Nike plans to continue support of the Livestrong initiatives created to unite, inspire and empower people affected by cancer.”USADA has ordered 14 years of Armstrong’s career results erased, including his seven Tour de France titles.The Lance Armstrong Foundation, commonly known as Livestrong, was founded in 1997 and has raised roughly $500 million to support cancer patients. The group has scheduled its 15th anniversary celebration for this weekend. Armstrong will stay on the charity’s board.Armstrong thanked those who have supported the foundation over the years.“I am deeply grateful to the people of the foundation who have done such hard and excellent work over the last 15 years, building tangible and effective ways to improve the lives of cancer survivors,” he said.“And I am deeply humbled by the support our foundation has received from so many people throughout the world — survivors, world leaders, business leaders and of course, the cancer community itself.”A cancer survivor, Armstrong strongly denies doping and says he quit fighting USADA because its hearing process was unfair.Lance Armstrong case: Former team-mate Levi Leipheimer sackedLance Armstrong should clean the slate, says HamiltonVIDEO: Brian Wilson doesn’t get bored – he just pretends to play the organ on a team-mate’s headlast_img read more

first_imgTHE HIGHEST COURT of the European Union has ruled that marketers can no longer contact consumers to say they have “won” a prize only to ask them to pay a fee to collect their winnings.Consumers are often told they have “won” prizes through promotions involving scratch cards in newspapers and magazines, or even individually addressed postal letters. Such promotions inform the recipient they are a winner of a prize but often stipulate that they telephone a premium rate number, send a text, or pay delivery and insurance costs in order to claim it.The EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling follows the UK’s Office of Fair Trading suing five companies for using mail-marketing tactics in violation of consumer protection laws. The OFT said consumers had been informed they had won a prize or equivalent benefit – the value of which could be “either considerable or merely symbolic” – only to be asked to incur costs for collection.In one example offered by the court, a marketer told consumers they had won a Mediterranean cruise. In order to claim their “prize”, however, winners had to pay for trip insurance, a supplement to obtain a one-bed or two-bed cabin and, during the voyage, the cost of food and drink, plus the port fees. Thus, consumers would have had to pay £399 per person (€490 pp) in order to participate in the cruise.In its judgement, the Court held that EU law prohibits aggressive practices which give the consumer the impression that they had already won a prize when they must then incur a cost to claim.The ECJ ruled such practises are prohibited even if the cost imposed on the consumer is minimal (eg the price of a stamp) when “compared with the value of the prize or where it does not procure the trader any benefit”.It also ruled that such “aggressive practises” are prohibited even if a number of methods are offered to the consumer in order to obtain the prize and even if one of those methods is free of charge.Read: Why do Nigerian scammers say they are from Nigeria?last_img read more

first_imgWEEK SIX IS when we assess our progress.  Take a moment to think back to your first session and do an honest assessment of how far you’ve come.Are you progressing as planned? Or have you missed a few days from the plan through illness or injury?You need to be healthy first and fit second and that means not sacrificing health for fitness.Don’t run when injured and don’t run when you’re not feeling well.  If you are starting to feel any niggling pains or discomfort in your legs it might be worth investing in a sports massage as most running related injuries are easily cured.Don’t be tempted to run through the pain as this can make the problem worse.  Don’t test your breaking point and sometimes stopping in time can make all the difference, forget about no pain no gain and instead adopt the train don’t strain mentality.Simple things become complicated when you expect too much and your goals need to be realistic and reflect your current state of fitness and overall condition.  Don’t try to make up for what you may have missed by adding in extra sessions or rejoining the plan where you should be.  When making a return or starting again it’s best to take two steps back before trying to go forward again as this will prevent you from doing too much too soon.Week SixMonday: Five-minute brisk walk. (15 min run/five min walk, 10 min run). Walk to finishTuesday: Off.Wednesday: Five-min brisk walk. (15-min run/five min walk, 10 min run). Walk to finishThursday: Off.Friday: Off.Saturday: Five min brisk walk. (15-min run/five min walk, 15 min run). Walk to finishSunday: Rest or active recovery. Cycle/swim/brisk walk.See the full 5k programme here or the 10k here for more advanced runners.John O’Regan is a renowned adventure runner and the Life Style Sports Run in the Dark’s expert coach. Follow him on Twitter: @johnoregan777. He is available an online Q&A every Monday from 8-9pm on the event’s Facebook Page to answer training related questions.Sign up for Life Style Sports Run In The Dark here>last_img read more

first_imgGARDAÍ IN DROGHEDA are investigating a shooting incident that occurred on Donore Road, Drogheda at approximately 9.30pm this evening in which a 30-year-old man received a gunshot injury to his leg.The man managed to raise the alarm after he made his way to a nearby shop. He was taken by ambulance to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda where he is described as being in a stable condition.Gardaí have sealed off the area and the scene is currently being preserved for a technical examination.WitnessesGardaí have issued an appeal for witnesses to this incident to come forward or to anyone that may have been on Donore Road near the bus station between 9.25pm and 9.40pm this evening.If you can assist with this investigation please contact Drogheda Garda Station on 041 – 9874200 or call the Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.last_img read more

first_imgThis is entirely in line with our responsibilities and accountability. Un-notified processions must now come to an end.The chief constable said that the PSNI was “entirely right” in asking the Parades Commission to “consider its role in relation to un-notified processions.”He continued to express doubts, however, over the current Public Processions Act, saying that it did not act as a suitable deterrence to those breaking the law.The required standard of proof to convict is high and the Act would benefit from review.Read: Parades Commission says Northern Ireland can ‘choose’ a peaceful summer > THE CHIEF CONSTABLE of the PSNI has said that marches and protests in Northern Ireland which do not notify the Parades Commission “must now come to an end”.The statement by Matt Baggott comes a day after the chairman of the Parades Commission, Peter Osborne, played down the role that the organisation had in the majority of protests in Northern Ireland.Responding to calls that the commission should intervene in ongoing flag protests, Osborne said that where these took place without permission, the police had a number of options open to them under current laws.Echoing the need for prior notification, Baggott said now was the time for “responsible civic leadership.”“Our approach to the flag dispute has been consistent in that we have put public safety first, dealt with disorder firmly and are bringing people before the courts for breaking the law,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgTHIS WEEK SAW the rebirth of the Tomb Raider video game. They’re going back to Lara Croft, whose original incarnation sparked a fan frenzy in the late 90s.Of course whether you spent hours slaving away over the SNES or saved up your pennies for a Playstation 2 you’ll have found yourself become attached to an array of characters.Here’s our rundown of the video game characters that’ll have your childhood gaming self swooning with nostalgia.1. Sonic the HedgehogEven though you kind of knew a blue hedgehog who had a fascination with collecting rings wasn’t very realistic you still sort of wanted to be best mates with him.2. Earthworm Jim Sjahut / YouTubeThe star of the video game of the same name wasn’t your typical video game star. A worm who found himself in a super suit that gives him a body.It was totally bonkers and inspired a cult hit cartoon series too.But even though he was a worm in a body suit, his ridiculous and irreverent humour made him something of a hero for many a geeky kid.3.  Donkey KongImage via DonkeyKong.Nintendo.ComThe star of the Donkey Kong series is a giant gorilla whose adventures have spanned a variety of Nintendo consoles.Whether you were fond of the NES original or current incarnations on the Wii the Donkey Kong character is a strangely charming hero/villain.After all, who can resist a gorilla in a tie?4.  Pac-ManTrueJediJSH / YouTubeWho wouldn’t be inspired by the tale of Pac-Man’s willingness to never stop eating those little dots until his job is done?And there was a song written about him in the 80s called Pac-Man Fever. It was a top 10 hit in America in the early 80s. Seriously.5. Mega ManImage via megaman.capcom.comIf you were a small, nerdy child who felt that the muscular, gun-toting Duke Nukem types were a bit intimidating then you always had Mega Man.The stylised, cartoon look of Mega Man give kids hope that they too could be a tiny, slightly wimpy looking hero if they were androids.6. RyuRobin020195 / YouTubeSurely the reason why a generation of geeky gaming kids had dreams of becoming martial arts experts.7. Solid Snakepackersnaker / YouTubeThe Solid Snake character from Metal Gear is the character every game player wants to be, sneaking around on covert missions and being effortlessly cool while doing so.Of course this doesn’t happen because there’s very little that’s effortlessly cool about playing Mario Kart for six hours on end. Sadly.8.  Crash BandicootPlayStationMuseum / YouTubeMaybe it was his impressive trainers or seemingly clueless air but there was something about Crash that made kids want to copy his rebellious ways.Or at least pressure their parents into buying them a pet bandicoot.9. MarioEveryone has fond memories of Mario. He’s a plucky plumber with a hammy Italian accent and a surprisingly trendy set of overalls.Also, in case you’d forgotten, the movie they made based on it was a stinker. Scarlet for Bob Hoskins.MarioBuddy / YouTubeMore: Which one of these retro games consoles did you covet?>last_img read more

first_imgIf John The Baptist was leading Labour, we wouldn’t have done any better.“Eamon Gilmore led us to our best General Election result in 2011.”Rabbitte said that smaller parties take a disproportionate amount of blame in coalition governments, saying it was a “cast-iron rule” that the minority partner took the blame.Already today, Brendan Howlin said that the party had been ‘given a good smacking’ by the electorate.LIVEBLOG: Local election results 2014 A LEADING LABOUR minister says that Eamon Gilmore is not under pressure, despite the party’s dismal early performance in local and by-elections.Speaking on RTÉ today, Pat Rabbitte said that he was not aware of any heave against Eamon Gilmore.“There’s no plot that I’m aware of,” Rabbitte told Sean O’Rourke.The Minister for Communications said that he didn’t feel that leadership was an issue in Labour’s collapse at the polls, which has seen them fall behind the Green Party in the Dublin West by-election, a seat that Labour won in 2011.last_img read more

first_imgREVENUE OFFICERS SAY they seized €45,000 in cash at Dublin Port yesterday as part of an “ongoing investigation”.Officers from Revenue’s Customs Service detained the cash under the Proceeds of Crime legislation from a man in his 30s who was attempting to board a ferry to Holyhead.Investigations are ongoing.Read: Revenue has spent €67,000 on the property tax helplineRead: Fuel laundering plant with 7 tonnes of toxic waste uncovered in MonaghanRead: Revenue has ‘almost more confidence’ in helpline after alleged fraudlast_img

first_imgSource: ASSOCIATED PRESSTHE EVACUATION SLIDE of a flight across the US accidentally inflated mid-flight, entirely filling the plane’s galley as passengers snapped photos of it.The United Airlines flight from Chicago to Southern California made an emergency landing in Kansas after the incident, but nobody was hurt.Mike Schroeder, 58, said he was on board the flight last night when he heard a hiss and pop. He turned around and saw the plane’s evacuation slide starting to inflate. He said this morning: I thought to myself, ‘I hope there is no one in the restroom because if they are they’re not coming out for a long time.’ Source: APSchroeder, a lawyer from Newport Beach, California, said he was surprised at how calm all the passengers were, with many — himself included — snapping photos of the inflated slide with their phones. For a short time, he said, lights went out and movies stopped playing along the left side of the Boeing 737-700.The flight landed safely at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport. Schroeder said:When the pilot came out right after landing he said, ‘Oh golly, I’ve never seen that before.’Christen David, a spokeswoman for the Chicago-based airline, said the slide “accidentally deployed” and that all 96 passengers were seated when the slide inflated. The airline provided passengers with hotel rooms and a continuing flight.More: You could buy this entire town for the price of a house in Dublin>last_img read more

first_imgAS MANY AS 160,000 people were left disappointed yesterday as two nights of Garth Brooks gigs at Croke Park were cancelled.You already knew that though, right?This means that each fan who bought a ticket for Monday and Tuesday night is now out of pocket to the tune of roughly €80.The National Consumer Agency (NCA) has moved to quell any fears, releasing a guide of how you can make get your money back.Tickets: In most circumstances, you’re entitled to a full refund if an event is cancelled.However, this is only if you purchased your ticket through a business. If you bought one from a private seller, you’re not entitled to the same rights.Hotels: This is where it might get tricky. If you booked a stay in the capital for the night and now wish to cancel that booking, a refund on this is up to the hotel in question, so you will have to check with them.Many offer the facility to cancel a day or two in advance, but you may lose a deposit. In some cases, no refund will be offered.Transport: Same as above, it will be up to the business you purchased your ticket from.Irish Rail has already tweeted to say that customers will be entitled to a full refund. If you booked rail travel with us to Garth Brooks concerts which are cancelled, we’ll refund you in full. More info:— Iarnród Éireann (@IrishRail) July 3, 2014 Bus Éireann’s website details all refunds are “considered solely at the discretion of Bus Éireann”.Most airlines don’t offer refunds, but you may be able to get some amount of tax back.Read: Promoters “don’t know” if remaining Garth Brooks concerts will go ahead >More: ‘Guaranteed’ Garth Brooks tickets are ALREADY selling at inflated price >center_img Source: Iarnród Éireann/Twitterlast_img read more