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2019 in SciFi What Movies Games and TV Told Us Will Happen

first_img Netflix Axes ‘The OA’ Sci-Fi Series After 2 Seasons‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Becomes Mostly Harm… Stay on target Entering into a new year is always somewhat terrifying, especially if you have one eye on the future like your friends here at Geek. It’s our job to monitor the cybernetic tides and predict how things are going to go, and we glean that information from the droves of fictional works that have taken place in the future.We consulted the sacred tomes (and Blu-Rays, and trade paperbacks, and video games) to see what science fiction of the past predicted about the current year, and here is the result of our investigations. It’s a bit of a mixed bag — for every technological breakthrough and medical marvel, there’s a nuclear apocalypse or other civilization-ending disaster. But that’s life, right?AdChoices广告The Microprocessor Becomes ObsoleteLet’s start this off with a positive development, just to cleanse the palate from 2018. According to the Doctor Who continuity, 2019 will be the year that the trusty microprocessor that controls just about all of our electronic devices will finally be replaced. In the 2005 episode “The Long Game,” the Doctor and Rose Tyler wind up in the year 200,000, landing on a space station broadcasting news across the universe. Other companion Adam learns he can send information about the future back in time to his answering machine, and one of the past events we learn about is the invention of Single Molecule Transfer, which involves embossing the surface of a hydrogen molecule in a way that it reacts to physical movement in the space around it. It’s a throw-away line, but it certainly sounds cool, so get on it science nerds.Batman RetiresWhile we’re doubtful that the Dark Knight is actually active in the real world, 2019 is the year that Bruce Wayne hung up the cowl in the Batman Beyond continuity, retiring to his underground cave to grouse about kids these days. The incident that spurs him to retire from crimefighting doesn’t involve the Joker, Two-Face or any of his other iconic foes – in fact, it’s just some anonymous thug who gets the drop on Batman with a pipe wrench, forcing the notoriously anti-gun hero to grab a dropped pistol to defend himself. Betraying his core principles in the heat of the moment isn’t something Batman takes lightly, so it’s years before he passes the mantle to young Terry McGinnis.Akira AwakensKatsuhiro Otomo’s Akira is one of the inarguable masterpieces of manga, a brutal and imaginative near-future tale set in a Neo-Tokyo that has already been ravaged by nuclear explosions, then rebuilt. As we start the story, a group of teenage motorcycle hoodlums accidentally stumble upon the cryogenic tomb of a genetically engineered superhuman with the power to destroy the world. When he’s awakened by psychic resonance, it kicks off an epic saga that changes the face of the planet. Here’s the scary part: Akira’s tomb is under a stadium being built for the 2020 Olympics. In the real world, the 2020 Olympics will be held in… Tokyo. Might want to sit that one out.Artificial Humans Will Serve ManThis isn’t isolated to 2019, but one of the true classics of the sci-fi genre, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, was set this year so it’s worth examining its world. No, we’re not driving around neon skyscrapers in Syd Mead-designed flying cars, obviously, and humanoid robots are still pretty far from the replicants that Deckard hunts down. But scientists are getting closer and closer to simulating the human experience with artificial parts, from believable AI chatbots to expressive, emotive robot faces. Sure, they still aren’t that good at walking up stairs, but give the little guys time.Rocket-Powered Car RacesThe sport of auto racing hasn’t evolved terribly much in the last half-century or so — sure, cars have gotten faster and more maneuverable, but the basics are the same. If you believed 1993 Sega game OutRun 2019, by now we’d be watching Dale Earnhardt III boost across the tarmac in a rocket-powered car, launching off of unfinished bridges and fishtailing through wet cement in no-holds-barred races. Alas, NASCAR just has guys turning right over and over again in the same old gas-guzzlers. That doesn’t mean rocket cars are dead in the water, though – a British company is still working on one they hope will do a mile in three seconds.The Manticore Super Soldier Program Is RevealedJames Cameron’s Dark Angel was a wildly ambitious Fox sci-fi show that starred Jessica Alba as Max Guevara, born X5-482, a genetically engineered stone cold fox who escaped with eleven of her siblings from the Manticore institution that grew them to be killers. After an electromagnetic pulse basically bombs America back into the stone age in 2009, the country struggles to crawl from the ashes. A decade later, the team behind Manticore is hunting down the escapees and Max works with cyber-journalist Logan Cale to tell the world about their evil deeds. While we doubt the U.S. government has it together enough to actually make a superhuman, online journalism is a big deal in the age of Wikileaks so we’ll give this one a half point.Clones Are Grown For PartsMichael Bay’s 2005 film The Island is near the nadir of the lame-brained filmmaker’s career, an incoherent mess of explosions, car chases and Scarlett Johansson breathing heavily. The premise is that a group of humans live in isolation from the outside world, which they’ve been told is too polluted to survive in. Twist: they’re actually clones that are being raised to provide spare parts for medical procedures to their wealthy originals. While human cloning still isn’t feasible, the idea of growing living beings for parts is absolutely happening now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the tech took another big leap in 2019.Game Shows Get FatalAlso set in the dystopian 2019, Paul Michael Glaser’s The Running Man doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched considering the state of modern reality TV. Instead of locking criminals up in prison to live off the taxpayer’s dime, they’re put into televised gladatorial combats, where the reward for victory is survival and freedom. In the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays wrongfully convicted cop Ben Richards, who winds up on the show and slaughters his way to the finish line in a gleeful orgy of one-liners and ironic deaths. Our tolerance for televised violence is certainly pretty high – just look at The Walking Dead — so it’s not unfeasible that we could get a reality show that runs on human blood this year.More on Exciting Games of 2019World’s First Jetpack Racing League to Launch in 2019$150,000 Hoverbike Now Available for Preorderslast_img

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