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MR wants good neighborly relations

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, addressing Sri Lankan diplomats at a workshop in Diyatalawa today, said that it was important to maintain good relations with Sri Lanka’s neighbors.The President’s office quoted the President as saying that now was the time for Asia and the world was also watching the Asian region. The President also said that the world has recognized the fact that Sri Lanka has achieved peace after 30 years of war and there is no state of emergency, no high security zones, no landmines and no checkpoints. He also reminded the diplomats that they are not ones who just wave the Sri Lankan flag but rather are part of that flag. He said that the people who suffered for 30 long years due to terrorism are now enjoying the fruits of peace as normalcy has been restored.All Sri Lankan Ambassadors and High Commissioners posted at missions overseas are attending the two day workshop.

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