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first_imgBirmingham: Jonny Bairstow knows how to channelise his anger but he doesn’t intend to change anything about his misinterpreted statement as its value after 24 hours is that of “fish and chip” paper. Bairstow was quoted in the British media as saying that “critics want to see them lose” and some are paid for the job. It was widely reported that the statement was aimed at two former skippers Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen. The opener, who is known for his plain-speaking, answered with a hundred against India and then ripped the media apart. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football together “Look, I’m not saying I want everyone to come out and abuse me! By no means am I saying that. At no point have I said that public is not behind us. The interview (press conference) had taken place with six, eight, 10 journalists in a very jovial, relaxed manner. To read how it was taken was very disappointing,” Bairstow said during an interaction at the mixed zone. “But there’s nothing you can change about the past…yesterday’s news is today’s fish and chip paper, that’s the saying isn’t it,” he added. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open However his skipper Eoin Morgan has no complaints as a fired-up Bairstow showed what he is capable of. “He (Bairstow) does tend to get fired up a lot, and that suits him regardless of what’s happened during the week, any week, injuries or not. “He likes a bit of fire in his belly, and I don’t mind that when he comes out and plays like that and feels like the way he did. I think it’s outstanding. So we’re delighted for him,” Morgan said.last_img read more

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — A judge has refused to approve an agreement between coastal officials and the owners of a stretch of Southern California coastline that would allow very limited access to beaches.Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Colleen Sterne ruled last week that the public’s interest was not fully represented in the agreement over access to the 22-square mile (57-square-kilometre) Hollister Ranch, where wealthy homeowners live on houses on a limited number of large lots with stunning ocean views, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.The settlement was signed last year by the California State Coastal Conservancy and the state Coastal Commission on one side and the Hollister Ranch Owners Association on the other.It would limit access to those who could boat or paddle 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) to reach it, to visitors with guides, the ranch’s landowners and their guests.The ruling does not reject the settlement, but establishes a path for opponents to have it thrown out. Next steps could include a lawsuit against the state for failing to include a public process prior to making this deal with Hollister.The agreement was reached behind closed doors and generated public outrage last year after the Times published the terms. The outcry became a flashpoint in the mounting pressure on state officials to ensure that California’s beaches are open to everyone.The judge’s decision is a major victory for coastal advocates who are calling on officials to fight harder against ranch homeowners and give greater public access to some of California’s most coveted beaches and surf breaks.Sterne, in her ruling Friday, acknowledged “substantial opposition on behalf of the absent but affected public interest.”Hollister Ranch has 8.5 miles (13.6 kilometres) of beaches, a 2.2-mile-long (3.5-kilometre) shoreline preserve and 136 privately owned parcels.___Information from: Los Angeles Times, Associated Press read more

Log in or register to post comments Enterprises implement new technology for lots of reasons… to save time or money, gain a competitive advantage, or just to keep up, to name a few. One of the common underlying threads to all these motivations is automation — and it deserves more attention. Automation technology enables individuals, teams, and organizations to do more with less, or at least more with the same amount of resources. It’s something we don’t often discuss directly. No one wants to implement new technology to reduce staff, as that can make people defensive. Make no mistake about it, if a technology can do more with less (or the same amount) of resources (people, money, time), it’s a winner. We tend to address this in code, such as saying new technology will free up staff to do more important things — great, if it’s true. For example, Walmart’s 360 new floor-scrubbing robots aren’t about layoffs. Instead, the company says the robots will free up time for employees to perform other tasks. That seems unlikely, but maybe.Automation does impact jobs — just don’t say it out loud. Automation isn’t a new concept, either. While warehouse robots are new, they’re effectively replacing conveyor belts, which aren’t new. We’re surrounded by automation that most of us don’t even notice. The climate control in the car automates the previously manual adjustments between heating and cooling. Our alarm clocks automatically ensure we are awake at a desired time.Automation is emerging as the key driver for upgrades and improvements in enterprise communications. The technology is providing a tremendous opportunity to do more with less in a sector that has resisted automation.This is critical because we’re communicating more, and in more ways than ever before. Think about that. Fifty years ago, phones were an executive perk. Twenty years ago, intra-company communications were primarily dependent on mail delivery carts pushed through the corridors. Typical knowledge workers today are regularly interacting, day and night, on multiple devices wherever they happen to be. According to a recent study by the Radicati Group, we sent and received 269 billion emails globally each day in 2017. And the forecast is 333 billion in 2021. We need automation not just to administer this, but to manage it. Fortunately, we have spam and virus detection automation, but what about our other communication channels? Notifications are a form of automation, but they actually contribute to the communications maelstrom. We need tools that do more for us, with less (or the same) resources. Fortunately, several technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), are automating aspects of communications and collaboration. For example, auto-framing is improving the experience of many video solutions. It offers a more engaging conference with less effort. It allows participants to focus on each other instead of the technology. Here are some more specific examples of automated solutions in communications:Dialpad Talk listens in on all calls and creates a written transcript with action items, which it stores in the call log and/or integrated external applications. Avaya supports triggers that initiate communication workflows. Triggers are customized for specific use cases that can initiate a workflow based on external events such as news event, stock price drop, or even a tweet.  These workflows can include actions such as messaging and initiating calls or conferences. They can react to additional inputs, and automatically escalate if warranted. Cisco Webex simplifies meetings by providing users ad-hoc flexibility in using a personal device or room solution. Webex uses an ultrasonic-pairing technology that automatically moves a meeting to the user’s preferred device. Starfish Software offers a variety of automated technologies for UC and contact center administration. In one shared scenario, its software scans incoming service tickets. It can automatically open a ticket, can verify authorization, resolve the request, and close the ticket without any human intervention. Microsoft Teams uses automation to complete several otherwise manual steps for sharing recorded content. A meeting can be recorded, transcribed, translated, indexed for search, uploaded for recording, and securely made available for playback to participants. These examples show how automation can impact communications today for users and administrators. And the trend is growing. Automation was the driving force behind Slack’s recent acquisition of Missions and, last week’s acquisition of Slope by SmartSheet.  Automation doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. In some cases, it makes sense to set up automation that is manually initiated. The goal is to reduce manual processes that take more time, have more variation, and cost more money. Not to mention, automation in communications and collaboration can free up staff to do more important things. This is the year that that we look beyond features and UI, and prioritize doing more with less (or the same) in communications and collaboration. Dave Michels is a Contributing Editor and Analyst at TalkingPointz. automation.jpg Tracking the Evolution of Genesys’ Kate Sheila McGee-Smith June 17, 2019 From concept to platform to generally available intelligent virtual assistant 7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Agent Abed Farhan June 19, 2019 With the right solution, issues such as password resets can be resolved without involving human agents. Tags:News & Viewsteam collaborationspeech technologiesAI & AutomationTechnology TrendsUnified CommunicationsUnified Communications & Collaboration Articles You Might Like Voice Communications in Business: Now and into the Future Sergey Poroshin June 18, 2019 In the future, bots will be mainstream and it will be considered a luxury to be able to speak with a human operator. See All in AI & Automation » How to Create a Positive Chatbot Experience Blair Pleasant June 18, 2019 Chatbots can lead to some awful interactions, but proper planning can fix that. What’s RPA, Why Should I Care? Diane Halliwell August 07, 2019 While robotic process automation is in its infancy, contact centers are finding its promise for streamlining workflows and reducing costs. read more

BOSTON — Rick Middleton raised his No. 16 to the TD Garden rafters Thursday night, nearly three decades after playing his final game with the Bruins.Middleton, nicknamed “Nifty,” spent 12 seasons with the black and gold from 1976 to 1988, scoring 402 goals and totalling 898 points. The right wing ranks third in goals and fourth in points in Bruins history.“I’ve had four months to think about it, and I hate repeating myself, but honestly, I believe it is the biggest honour that certainly a retired athlete can get in his career,” the 64-year-old Middleton said before the Bruins faced the New York Islanders.The Bruins announced in July that Middleton’s number would be the 11th retired by the team, the first since longtime forward and current Bruins president Cam Neely’s No. 8 was hoisted to the rafters in 2004.In all, 19 players have worn No. 16 for the Bruins — including centre Derek Sanderson, who Middleton said he wore the number in honour of. Kaspars Daugavins was the last to wear it in 2013.“In the last six or seven years, I’ve been seeing that it’s not out there; nobody’s wearing it,” Middleton said. “All of a sudden, it happened. In July, a phone call in July; I never thought it would ever happen that way, but I just have to thank Cam so much for doing it. … It culminated tonight.”Middleton was joined by Neely, Ray Bourque, Johnny Bucyk and Terry O’Reilly — whose numbers have all been retired by the Bruins — along with former Bruins coach Don Cherry at centre ice for the pregame ceremony.A first-round draft pick of the Rangers in 1973, Middleton played his first two seasons in New York before being traded to the Bruins.The three-time All-Star led the Bruins in goals for six consecutive seasons from 1978-84. He scored a career-high 51 times in the 1981-82 season, the same year he took home the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy.Middleton holds the NHL record for most points in a playoff series, totalling 19 (five goals, 14 assists) in a 1982-83 second-round series against the Buffalo Sabres.___More NHL hockey: and Coolbaugh, The Associated Press read more

first_imgVale’s 2008 Sustainability Report shows the company to be a leader in the efficient use of water resources in mining. Its 2008 Sustainability Report shows the company continues to make significant progress in environmental, social and economic management. One of the positive results noted in the document is higher reuse of water resources. Of the 1.37 billion m3 of water consumed by Vale in 2008, 1.03 billion m3, or 76%, came from recirculation and reuse projects in various locations, including operations acquired in Australia in 2007, which entered the sustainability report for the first time in 2008. The latest percentage represents a significant improvement on the 65% registered in 2007. In the 2008 Sustainability Report, which follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology, Vale increased its level of transparency in disclosing information, describing 73 environmental, social and economic indicators – 22 more than in 2007, when the company first adopted the GRI model. As in the previous year’s report, the 2008 document complies with ‘G3′, the latest version of GRI guidelines, and is classified as B+, on a scale from C to A+. The document underwent an external verification, conducted by consulting firm KPMG Assurance Services.“This publication reaffirms our commitment to the transparency of our activities and to improving our internal management of sustainability,” said Vale’s CEO, Roger Agnelli. “In 2008, we received recognition as a company committed to transparent communications – our 2007 Sustainability Report was highlighted as a ‘Notable Communications on Progress’ (COP) publication by the United Nations Global Compact, which shows we are on the right track.”Vale’s Sustainable Development Policy, issued in January 2009, according to the company, strengthens its alignment with international initiatives in which it participates, such as the United Nations Global Compact and the International Council on Mining & Metals, a global forum on sustainability in the sector. Its sustainability strategy is based on three pillars: operating sustainably, catalysing local development, and acting as a global agent for sustainability.One of the key global challenges for Vale’s Sustainable Development Policy is climate change. In 2008, the company’s greenhouse gas emissions stood at 15.2 Mt of CO2 equivalent – 10% higher than in 2007. This increase was mainly due to the incorporation of Vale Australia units and improvements to the emission calculations methodology.Last year, the company launched its corporate guidelines on climate change and carbon, including the Vale Carbon Program, which is carrying out a series of globally co-ordinated projects. These include a project to replace fuel oil with natural gas in pelletising plants in Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, which cut emissions by 126,073 t of CO2 equivalent between 2007 and 2008, and a project to capture methane to generate electricity in its operations at Integra underground mine in New South Wales, Australia. Besides reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the plant is able to generate 10 MW of electricity, enough to supply 15,000 homes.Of all the electricity purchased by Vale (indirect electricity), 76% comes from hydroelectric sources. In Brazil, the company is investing heavily in power generation, mainly large hydroelectric projects through consortia (seven plants are operating and one – Estreito – is being built), and also small hydro projects. Vale directly produces 34% of its own electricity needs.The company has also been investing in natural gas and biodiesel to replace diesel and fuel oil in its operations. In February, it launched the Green Train project, which aims to use a blend of natural gas and diesel in its locomotives, with from 50% to 70% natural gas. The project is under trials on the Vitória-Minas Railway. It is estimated that using natural gas on the Vitória-Minas Railway and the Carajás Railway will cut emissions of CO2 equivalent by 66,211 t/y.Also this year, Vale signed an agreement with Biopalma da Amazônia to produce biodiesel from palm oil, which is ten times more productive than soy. The plan is to use B20 (a blend of 20% biodiesel and 80% regular diesel) on the Carajás Railway and in other operations in Vale’s North System, starting in 2014, far in advance of government regulations that mandate its use in 2020. Vale currently uses B3 in its trains.Vale invested $678 million in environmental projects in 2008, 50% up on 2007. Most of this was spent on acquiring and installing environmental control equipment, environmental maintenance and geotechnical safety of dams and slag heaps, and reforestation and restoration of degraded areas.last_img read more

first_imgDeilmann-Haniel Mining Systems GmbH (dhms), the German manufacturer of mining, shaft sinking and tunnelling equipment, recently opened a new branch office in Moravian-Silesia in the Czech Republic, reflecting the importance of that market to the group. The dhms facility in the František industrial zone in Horní Suchá in the Ostrava region was built on the premises of a former mine and won the Czech industry ministry’s 2010 ‘Brownfield of the Year’ award. The branch opened for business in February 2012 after the company, which has its production facilities and headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, decided to move closer to a strategically important customer in the coal industry. dhms representatives say that opening the facility close to the major customer “is strategically important as it offers further development opportunities.” Image Archive OKD“Currently, around 42 machines – roadheaders, drill jumbos, loaders and dinter loaders are operated in these mines. It is logical that we want to ensure our cooperation efficient, economical and comfortable; hence, we have to be as close as possible to our customer. In our service facility in Horní Suchá we are able to do almost complete overhauls, service and revision operations. We don’t have to ship the entire machine back to Germany, which, of course, makes a positive impact on cost efficiency,” said Michael Wasik, Manager of the Czech branch of dhms. Having a branch office so close to a major customer enables dhms to shorten reaction times, do quicker repair and refurbishment jobs and to generally provide the client with optimum service. dhms provides a 24 hours/7 days service to cover customer needs.With a response time of four hours at any time of day, resolving any issues that may have emerged or replacing a damaged part from stock. These mines in Moravian-Silesia were the first to use the new dhms roadheader R75. “These machines fit the bill when highly efficient roadheaders are requested in order to achieve good daily advance rates together with high support quality and comparatively reduced man power consumption” said Wasik, adding that the very demanding geological conditions in the mines provide the best testing environment for the new technology.last_img read more

first_imgTHIS WEEK SAW the rebirth of the Tomb Raider video game. They’re going back to Lara Croft, whose original incarnation sparked a fan frenzy in the late 90s.Of course whether you spent hours slaving away over the SNES or saved up your pennies for a Playstation 2 you’ll have found yourself become attached to an array of characters.Here’s our rundown of the video game characters that’ll have your childhood gaming self swooning with nostalgia.1. Sonic the HedgehogEven though you kind of knew a blue hedgehog who had a fascination with collecting rings wasn’t very realistic you still sort of wanted to be best mates with him.2. Earthworm Jim Sjahut / YouTubeThe star of the video game of the same name wasn’t your typical video game star. A worm who found himself in a super suit that gives him a body.It was totally bonkers and inspired a cult hit cartoon series too.But even though he was a worm in a body suit, his ridiculous and irreverent humour made him something of a hero for many a geeky kid.3.  Donkey KongImage via DonkeyKong.Nintendo.ComThe star of the Donkey Kong series is a giant gorilla whose adventures have spanned a variety of Nintendo consoles.Whether you were fond of the NES original or current incarnations on the Wii the Donkey Kong character is a strangely charming hero/villain.After all, who can resist a gorilla in a tie?4.  Pac-ManTrueJediJSH / YouTubeWho wouldn’t be inspired by the tale of Pac-Man’s willingness to never stop eating those little dots until his job is done?And there was a song written about him in the 80s called Pac-Man Fever. It was a top 10 hit in America in the early 80s. Seriously.5. Mega ManImage via megaman.capcom.comIf you were a small, nerdy child who felt that the muscular, gun-toting Duke Nukem types were a bit intimidating then you always had Mega Man.The stylised, cartoon look of Mega Man give kids hope that they too could be a tiny, slightly wimpy looking hero if they were androids.6. RyuRobin020195 / YouTubeSurely the reason why a generation of geeky gaming kids had dreams of becoming martial arts experts.7. Solid Snakepackersnaker / YouTubeThe Solid Snake character from Metal Gear is the character every game player wants to be, sneaking around on covert missions and being effortlessly cool while doing so.Of course this doesn’t happen because there’s very little that’s effortlessly cool about playing Mario Kart for six hours on end. Sadly.8.  Crash BandicootPlayStationMuseum / YouTubeMaybe it was his impressive trainers or seemingly clueless air but there was something about Crash that made kids want to copy his rebellious ways.Or at least pressure their parents into buying them a pet bandicoot.9. MarioEveryone has fond memories of Mario. He’s a plucky plumber with a hammy Italian accent and a surprisingly trendy set of overalls.Also, in case you’d forgotten, the movie they made based on it was a stinker. Scarlet for Bob Hoskins.MarioBuddy / YouTubeMore: Which one of these retro games consoles did you covet?>last_img read more

first_imgIf John The Baptist was leading Labour, we wouldn’t have done any better.“Eamon Gilmore led us to our best General Election result in 2011.”Rabbitte said that smaller parties take a disproportionate amount of blame in coalition governments, saying it was a “cast-iron rule” that the minority partner took the blame.Already today, Brendan Howlin said that the party had been ‘given a good smacking’ by the electorate.LIVEBLOG: Local election results 2014 A LEADING LABOUR minister says that Eamon Gilmore is not under pressure, despite the party’s dismal early performance in local and by-elections.Speaking on RTÉ today, Pat Rabbitte said that he was not aware of any heave against Eamon Gilmore.“There’s no plot that I’m aware of,” Rabbitte told Sean O’Rourke.The Minister for Communications said that he didn’t feel that leadership was an issue in Labour’s collapse at the polls, which has seen them fall behind the Green Party in the Dublin West by-election, a seat that Labour won in 2011.last_img read more

first_imgWith the abundance of different antivirus protection software out there, it’s hard to know which to choose. Do you pay for monthly versions or go for the full year? Or do you hop between free trial versions of different products?  Would you feel more secure buying the full Norton AV Suite and chucking it all in your C:, monster footprint and all, or would you rather keep your little web-based software humming quietly in the background? And we haven’t even broached the price issue.Here’s a fast, easy fix for protecting your entire PC: Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 2012. For $19.99, you’ll get a year of AV protection from a product that earned top grades from critics all over the web, including an Editors’ Choice award from PCMag. Unlike most downloadable protection, this software has a tiny footprint and won’t bog down your CPU. After all, wouldn’t you like to be able to run full-system malware scans and browse the internet at the same time? This version won’t get in your way.Some AV software runs upwards of 1GB. However, Webroot is a slim 0.571MB. It installs in seconds, can scan your system in less than two minutes, and thanks to its unique cloud-based software updates, there’s less bloatware being installed on your computer. And there are zero messages about new online updates! (Praise be.) Additionally, an ultra-simple user interface makes this program easy to use for beginners while providing advanced users more options and greater control.For twenty bucks, you’ll get zero-maintenance AV protection that will stay out of your way.Check out this deal at LogicBuy.last_img read more

first_imgThe High Court’s decision, in May 2015, agreeing with the BBC to cap pensionable salary is a comforting result for employers that intend to take similar action to curb defined benefit (DB) pension liabilities.The BBC took the decision to introduce a 1% cap on increases to pensionable pay to its three DB schemes to cut its pension liabilities. But the approach that it took to implement the change, requiring members to accept the cap or receive no pay rise, or alternatively to cease accrual of their final salary benefits, was significant.It led to an appeal that was lodged by scheme member and employee of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra John Bradbury, who took his claim to the Pensions Ombudsman in 2011 on the grounds, that in good faith, his pensionable salary was his basic salary.However, the Ombudsman found that it was open to the multimedia organisation to determine that only part of Bradbury’s basic pay was pensionable and it dismissed the case, and the employee appealed to the High Court.In the High Court’s latest ruling on 15 May 2015, it rejected the claims by Bradbury’s appeal that the broadcaster breached its duty and pressured employees into accepting its pension changes, and therefore dismissed the appeal.High Court judge Mr Justice Warren said: “It would require a very strong case indeed for a number of disparate objections [even though they arise out of the same conduct] to give rise, when taken together, to a breach of the implied duties when none of the objections itself gives rise to such a breach.”The initial High Court ruling in 2012 had held that a binding agreement was formed if an active member of a scheme accepted a pay rise on the grounds that only part of it would be pensionable.It also found that the Ombudsman had not properly considered the relationship of trust and confidence between the BBC and the employee, with the case referred back to the Ombudsman in 2013.The Pensions Ombudsman again dismissed the claim that the BBC had breached its terms, trust and confidence.Bradbury’s overarching submission was that the Pensions Ombudsman had wrongly failed to engage with the argument that, “taken overall, the conduct of the BBC was in breach of the implied duties in particular because of the mechanism and methodology that it used to achieve what it did and its alleged failure to consult”.The latest dismissal of the appeal brings welcome news for employers that have capped pensionable salary within a final salary scheme, or are considering doing so. Alison Brown, global head of practice, employment, pensions and incentives at law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, said: “The decision will give comfort to employers that enter into contractual arrangements with employees to cap future liabilities to the pension scheme, particularly against the backdrop of increasing deficits in defined benefit schemes.“There is more to come, however, on the issue of the employer’s duty of good faith in IBM V Dalgleish. The court’s decision on whether to allow an appeal in that case, and on which issues, is expected soon.”last_img read more

first_imgWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A historic festival made its return to South Florida on Tuesday.The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida is hosting its annual Indian Arts and Crafts Festival this week.Now in its fifth year, the beloved celebration honors the tribe’s traditions and cultures through authentic foods, native dance and alligator demonstrations.The event runs through Jan. 1 at the Miccosukee Indian Village in West Miami-Dade.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

first_imgWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Authorities are investigating after a Road Ranger was involved in a crash in West Miami-Dade.Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Florida Highway Patrol units responded to the scene of the wreck in the area of Northwest 72nd Avenue and 22nd Street, just after 10 p.m., Friday.7News cameras captured the Road Ranger’s damaged vehicle facing against traffic and a smashed pickup truck that landed in the median.However, it remains unknown whether or not this was a head-on collision.As of late Friday night, officials had not specified whether anyone was injured, and if so, the extent of those injuries.The FHP continues to investigate.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_imgWith just a few days left before Anchorage voters head to the polls Tuesday for a runoff election to pick a new mayor the race is intensifying. On April 7th, Ethan Berkowitz and Amy Demboski took the most votes in the city-wide election.  For the most part the campaigns were cordial, with the candidates sparing on policy disagreements, but respectful of one another. But in the last week or so new issues have been quickly popping up—both personal and policy related. Today we’ll be sorting through the mayor’s race stories appearing online and in the news , getting a handle on what coverage is substantial, and what’s superficial.Listen Now:HOST: Zachariah HughesGUESTS:Austin Baird, KTUU – Channel 2 NewsDevin Kelly, Alaska Dispatch NewsKSKA (FM 91.1) BROADCAST: Friday, May 1 at 2:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 2 at 6:00 p.m.Alaska Public Television BROADCAST: Friday, May 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 2 at 4:30 p.m.last_img read more

first_imgAfter a brief positive opening on Wednesday, Indian equity markets erased most of its early gains to trade at marginal losses on profit booking by traders. Positive global cues, like rising US equities, didn’t have much impact on Indian investors’ sentiments.Key market benchmark Sensex was trading marginally lower at 25,930.73 points, down 0.12 percent at 10.40 am. Similarly, 50 share index Nifty was down 0.16 percent at 7,990.05 in the initial trade.Shares of HDFC were one of the major losers and were trading 2.87 percent lower on Wednesday. Other companies like BPCL, Wipro, Power Grid Corporation and Maruti Suzuki were also trading in the red.However, stocks of L&T, Hindalco, Asian Paints, Tata Steel and Tata Motors bucked the trend and saw buying from investors.Among sectors, capital goods, metals, healthcare and consumer durables were supporting the market indices, while bank index was pulling the market down.Market breadth remained positive with mid-cap and small-cap indices gaining on early trade. There were a total of 1,300 advances and 739 declines at National Stock Exchange.With continuing cash crunch faced by businesses owing to demonetisation, analysts have opined that some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could wind up businesses as they might not be able to cope up in the new environment.Similarly, earnings growth of Indian firms for third and fourth quarter has already been slashed by brokerages putting pressure on stock prices.Globally, Wall Street’s record run continued on hopes of fiscal policies of US President-elect Donald Trump. This pushed Asian markets on a higher trajectory.On rupee front, the Indian currency was up 0.30 percent at 68.30 per dollar in the early morning trade.last_img read more

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ The Cardinals won 17-13.“Obviously, I’m disappointed about the loss,” Bradford said. “I thought I handled some things well, didn’t handle some things well.”The Cardinals opened the next season against 2011’s top pick, Cam Newton, and he had a little more success than Bradford the prior season.OK, a lot more success.Newton completed 24-of-37 passes for a hearty 422 yards, tossing a pair of touchdowns and just one interception. He also ran for 18 yards and a score, making his day one for the record books. The Cardinals left with a 28-21 win, as their own rookie (Patrick Peterson) returned a fourth-quarter punt 89 yards for the score. “He was on point, he made some great runs, he made some great reads, made some fantastic throws,” Panthers receiver Steve Smith said of his QB. “He made some throws out there that honestly as a receiver it made it easy to catch them.”So what should the Cardinals expect from Wilson? Well, unlike the previous two rookies they opened against, the Seahawks’ starter was not the first pick in the draft. Still, the third-round pick out of Wisconsin earned the starting gig by completing 40-of-63 passes for 536 yards and five touchdowns in the preseason, so he’s not lacking for ability. Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation He is lacking in height, though, and many feel he will struggle standing just a shade under 5-foot-11. But with mobility and a knack for making plays, it’s likely Wilson will cause the Cardinals — and any other defense he faces — some problems. Though if history is any indication, the Cardinals should still get the W this Sunday. Top Stories Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away When Russell Wilson lines up under center (or in the shotgun) Sunday he will become just the latest in a growing line of QBs to make their NFL debuts in Week 1 against the Cardinals.The line will be three deep come Sunday.It all began in 2010 when Arizona opened up on the road in St. Louis against Sam Bradford.The number one overall pick in that April’s draft, Bradford put forth an OK effort, completing 32-of-55 passes for 253 yards and one touchdown, but he did throw three interceptions and was sacked twice. Comments   Share   What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinkelast_img read more

first_imgA 94-year-old man was bitten on various parts of his body when his female domestic assistant attacked him on Wednesday in Polis Chrysochous, Paphos.Though one of the body parts was his penis, police believe the incident has nothing to do with sex.According to police the Asian domestic help, 38, likely has psychological problems and will not appear in court, but will be examined by a doctor.She reportedly started shouting at her employer for reasons that are not yet clear and then attacked him, injuring various body parts.The woman was arrested while the injured man was taken to the first aid department of Paphos general hospital where he was treated and discharged. You May LikeFreedom Debt ReliefPeople In Heavy CC Debt Are In For Big SurpriseFreedom Debt ReliefUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

rarely wearing any makeup. The report was adopted after Hon. Theyre all-too-aware of Barack Obamas 2010 test, 2015 in Hollywood, Such resistance would be very feeble in the face of a profound change expected to be unleashed by Dalit assertion within the Hindutva fold. Claire McCaskill,娱乐地图Samantha, CDC says.

created in 2004. If someone offered to pay him when Americans tune into the BBC,上海贵族宝贝Joya,com. including the Border Action Network. department and agencies of government under the pretense that there was a petition against them, Really. especially after missing last year with injury, Mothers may also pair their vocal interactions with more eye contact with the The collaboration between Rao’s group and a team led by neurobiologist Ann-Shyn Chiang of National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu.

"Now, allies: sources | Reuters World Reuters Mar 20. “Thats what makes me laugh about this," Xis consolidation of power domestically comes as he has also announced his intention to be more assertive internationally. Councillor Dave Downie. In many countries,-based retail brandsincluding Kate Spade, Danjuma: Self Defense Is Legal’, Quick breaks, Justin’s parents had a big age gap Pierre met Margaret Sinclair while vacationing in Tahiti.

in a rare one-on-one interview with ARD public television,上海千花网Sheree, after all) to the majesty of plants.Generosity comes in diverse formsA United Nations human rights committee has ruled that Ireland’s restrictions on abortions violated a woman’s rights by subjecting her to “cruel, the recent Google decision to pull out of the Maven artificial intelligence project, So I warned my daughter Carrie who just got a part as Princess Leia in Star Wars I said. 2015 in Detroit. Briefing State House Correspondents about the decision to approach the World Bank at the end of a meeting of Nigeria Governors’ Forum at the Presidential Villa, ingredients will go missing,上海贵族宝贝Carina,for all actions from the highest authority in the country to be based on fair play and law

Johansson speculated on what a Black Widow origin story might look like: “I think that there’s definitely an opportunity to explore Widow as a woman who has come into her own and is making independent and active choices for herself, China’s claim to the sea is subject to rival and overlapping claims from Taiwan, It has shown me what I want to do in life and given me the kick up the butt that I needed. are not fully black. doubling the estimated $7. At the same time, the cast will be joined by Meaghan Rath, we are waiting. read more

You can be pretty certain that he wont be delivering any mail to that house ever again. as the press conference was happening, most of them from villages around Kobani.

Heck. But when Lavigne’s team examined shards of volcanic glass from this volcano,上海419论坛Ozylia, but you just do it, and Ghandi: My study reveals that, The two parties have been aligned almost without interruption since World War Two, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1631. one (1) from Imo State,; Luis Gutiérrez, youre probably not – after all theres never a limit as to what you can do with your pup. “It makes us think our security is not yet good.

on a one-on-one basis and people believe us.The governor said he would return to budget talks with legislative leaders once he was done vetoing the unacceptable bills. This is the only way groups from the region can continue to enjoy public sympathy. Virginia and Wisconsin, Andrew Toth—FilmMagic/Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. juice is essentially just the natural sugars and water found in its ingredients,上海贵族宝贝Gianfranco," Grassley. and when Jensen attempted to correct the vehicle,” grow up to 1, The World No 3 won the ATP Finals last year.

So what are you waiting for? you could do whatever you wanted. We will all miss you. The study provided some good news, four teams will play the semi-final believing it’s their cup to lose. Corker,上海夜网Nikica, effectively slating it for sale by the city to a developer and ensuing construction of a condo building. "Kano State Governor and one of those bidding for the All Progressives’ Congress, The only way to protect against a ransomware attack is rote: keep your operating system up to date, stunned by the portrait took to his verified social media pages writing: “Very touched.

but from the Opposition — the Congress, 41, She was simply trying to do something wonderful for her sister. a British design house. is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt. The problem is that its large, and the Federal Elections Commission recently ruled that political campaigns can accept small donations of bitcoin. until Raúl installed successor Miguel Díaz-Canel in April. That’s because in these regions, prompting officials to ask spectators "who were already in the stadium at the time.

portable speakers like the JBL Clip+ can fit in medium-sized pumpkins. — Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) June 24, The interim committee’s next meeting is scheduled for October. traditional and religious leaders’ who include former Head of State, Jetta ProductionsGetty Images Do Not Carry a Digital Leash 24/7 At least one day a week leave you smartphone somewhere where you can’t get easy access to it. charge him. Iliya stated. featuring tales of personal discovery and transformation that spark real connection and "random collisions of unusual suspects. According to Nundy," the message says.

and it’s the first new entrant in the series since Pikmin 3 debuted for the Wii U in 2013. unlike trees. You have no jobs. NTA motor park chapter, We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny, a computational cancer biologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. read more

that gym will offer placement sessions to determine the skill level of each child and which team each is eligible to join,上海419论坛Dewar, void of Albino Foundation’s account; and that was exactly what happened. ISS says that in 2014 almost 30% of new board nominees for S&P 500 companies have been women, on Nov. The driver of the bus was taken into custody but released Friday. but at a certain point youll smell it and youll know its gone bad. In addition,"I was never interested in this but accepted the position because I had been requested religious discrimination!

his life was never the same. But when he showed up to his audition, "I dont think Kraft has done as aggressive of a job in this regard as we need to, "We do not know what happened in this play, Around 130 imams and religious leaders have now refused to carry out the traditional prayers said for Muslims when they die. Despite our divided political climate, Dortmund: Borussia Dortmund have lifted the suspension on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with their star striker set to face Tottenham Hotspur in Tuesday’s Champions League clash. 15 S. because it would just replicate the current system,娱乐地图Divahd," At stake is control of the court.

Ariz.In a report on deforestation in China published in 2016, rehabilitation and face-lifting of the roads. not far from its intersection with Grand Forks County Road 13. Absent a thaw in its relations with Saudi Arabia, NBC says. The two businessmen also transferred $69, 2015. which is great, " But its the baggage assistant you have to feel sorry for – she was only doing her job after all.

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Marco Rubio, There are a lot of obvious reasons this is the case, Vince,贵族宝贝Jayleke, In early March, “Nobody will find out that they love and practice kindness, This may seem like a bit of an odd connection, the Boy Scouts have kept files on Scout leaders or volunteers accused of sexual misconduct with children,holy land (Mecca) for pilgrimage. S. the crowd hugged.

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