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first_imgRon Lowe Dear Editor: A recap of the Trump era so far:Donald Trump has accomplished nearly nothing in part because he has a new enthusiasm every fifteen minutes. It is not governing that interests him, but dominating the news cycle.Perhaps Trump is here to create confusion, sending out tweets for racism, then against racism; attacking China, then praising China. In this atmosphere people are demoralized and grow more cynical about government. Only the fascists are delighted.What does a con artist do once he becomes president; try to hustle the whole world.Trump’s administration can be seen as a slow motion coup. Republican politicians are taking over state legislatures throughout the country using their gerrymandering scheme. Republican legislators pass laws suppressing the African-American amd Latino votes in the name of voter fraud. Republicans are the ones involved in voter fraud.In two years Trump has moved from crazy to CRAZY.Trump resembles no other American president, but is strongly reminiscent of George III, the mad British king against whom we rebelled in 1776.It will probably take more than marches to defeat this malevolent trickster prez and his pugnacious Republican minions.Hillary Clinton was almost the first woman president and received three million more votes than a swaggering man who brags about molesting women.The Women’s March had a far larger crowd than Trump’s inaugural crowd. The march was to combat the soul destroyers who’d seized the White House.According to quantum theory, on the subatomic level Trump isn’t president.Maybe people were not ready to proceed from an African-American president to a woman president. History was moving too fast for them.last_img read more

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