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first_imgIn case you never thought about it, Wikipedia is huge. The English version alone has 3.8 million articles. The 15 million users, of whom 141,000 are active, have made over 500 million edits. They’ve uploaded over 800,000 images. Oh yeah, and Wikipedia is in 283 different languages, so while the English wiki is the biggest, it’s really just the start.What that means is that the site has a constant flow of activity. And not a slow trickle either — it’s a flood of edits, uploads, deletions, and citations requests. And now all of these, for every language, are displayed in real-time, on Wikistream.A casual glance at the site will reveal not just how much action there is, but how the top languages dominate. Those include English, Polish, Spanish, and French, with some others thrown in there, like Hungarian. Things aren’t the same for topics, they are, as you might imagine, extremely diverse.If it’s all too much action for you, then you can filter the live feed down. This can happen by language, namespace (File, Media, Talk, Template, etc.), user type (registered, robot, or anonymous), and even by the edit size. If that’s not enough, then you can decide if you want tiled Wikimedia Commons images to be used as the background for your Wikistream or not.Wikistream’s source code is available on Github, where it can be examined or forked. It uses some common tools, like node.js, and actually sits in Wikipedia’s IRC room where it scrapes the updates to the site and sends them over to Wikistream’s site.The full firehose of edits will be more than anyone can make sense of, but if you narrow down the category/update types and play around in the code — if you are so inclined — then you might be able to make a really useful tool for yourself. That is supposing that there is a topic that you are really, really interested in and care what Wikipedia users have to say about it.The rest of us can just check out the feed, pick out a few fun titles, and then maybe make some larger observations about Wikipedia on the web app’s trends page.See it at Wikistreamlast_img read more

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