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first_imgCLIVE — The coronavirus pandemic is forcing some changes on lottery games and the way winning tickets are cashed in.Iowa Lottery spokesperson, Mary Neubauer, is getting the word out. “Clearly anything that is going on with the Iowa Lottery or with Powerball is just a very, very tiny slice of life these days and of the worries that we are all facing. But, at the same time at the Iowa Lottery, it is our responsibility to tell people what is going on with our games,” Neubauer says.The starting jackpots in the multi-state Powerball game and the Mega Millions game will be eliminated, as will the minimum amount that the jackpot would increase between drawings. Neubauer says that is a function of fewer people playing with the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. “It truly has just reached a point where sales int he Powerball game if we left the game as it was — we are not going to be able to continue to support the payment of jackpots and the other prizes in the game,” Neubauer explains.She says the jackpot changes adapt to the current situation. “After the April 8th drawing in the (Powerball) game, the starting jackpot is not going to be a guaranteed amount anymore — and the jackpot will grow between drawings by whatever amount is dictated by sales,” according to Neubauer. The jackpot changes for Meg Millions will take place after the April 7th drawing.Neubauer says they have a plan for anyone who bought tickets with multiple plays that run after the April 7th and  8th  drawings. “They wouldn’t have known this information when they bought their tickets — so we are going to offer them free plays as a goodwill gesture. We will have information on how they can get those free plays on the Powerball page of the Iowa Lottery website at Iowa Lottery.com,” she says. There is Mega Millions information in that section of the website.Neubauer says the social distancing rules are being followed at the Iowa Lottery offices. “We are only allowing folks to contact us by email or telephone. So if you have a winning ticket, you are certainly welcome to mail or ship that ticket to the Iowa Lottery. But we also have a secure dropbox option at our lottery headquarters in Clive,” Neubauer says. She says the dropbox accommodates everyone and keeps the social distancing rules in place.Neubauer says some people with large winning tickets were not comfortable mailing or shipping the tickets, and they can use the dropbox. “We would ask for folks to call us and we can provide you information about that. In any of these instances, we would not be able to pay the prize on the spot like we normally would.”Neubauer says they will go through proper procedures to handle the mailed in tickets and those left in the dropbox, and then will send out a check to the winners.last_img read more

first_imgIt is a question that will forever be debated, but PA have attempted to answer it, by conducting a recent survey asking top flight fans, who they consider to be number one.Click the arrow to see who they chose and let us know if you agree.Who do you consider to be the best player to play in the Premier League? Comment below… 5. Eric Cantona – 12 per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – One of the first top class foreign talents to play in the Premier League, Eric Cantona was the final piece in the puzzle to transform Manchester United from contenders to champions. Celebrated for his eccentricity as much as his excellence, Cantona has been voted the fifth best player to play in the Premier League era. 6. Steven Gerrard – 10 per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – Steven Gerrard is unquestionably one of the finest players not only to play in the Premier League, but to pull on a Liverpool shirt. He has come to typify the top flight in the modern era. 10 10 10 8. Gianfranco Zola – Three per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – Before there was Roman Abramovich’s billions, there was Gianfranco Zola. The Italian magician brought with him a touch of class to a Chelsea team that, at the time, enjoyed moderate success as they struggled with financial issues and a lack of identity. Zola provided them with that, and remains one of the few Chelsea players revered by fans from all around the country. 2. Thierry Henry – 18 per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – Usually a chart-topper when it comes to these polls, Thierry Henry has surprisingly been relegated to second spot. The Frenchman was at his best when Arsenal themselves were seemingly invincible, but according to top flight fans, he is only the second best player to play in the Premier League. But who is number one? 10 10 10. Patrick Vieira – One per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – Widely regarded as the heartbeat of a resurgent Arsenal side in the mid-‘90s, Patrick Vieira still holds a soft spot in the hearts of Premier League supporters. The powerful Frenchman brought a steel to the Gunners that they have struggled to replace since his departure from the club in 2005. 4. Alan Shearer – 12 per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – Shearer is Mr Newcastle and his incredible Premier League goal record may never be beaten. The archetypal English striker, Shearer will always be remembered for banging the goals in from all angles. 10 10 10 9. Roy Keane – Two per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – From one tenacious midfielder to another, Roy Keane’s toughness has almost become a parody of itself today, but if you hark back to the Irishman’s Premier League pomp, few can think of better competitors and leaders than Keane. 3. Ryan Giggs – 13 per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – Regarded by many as the ultimate one-club man, Ryan Giggs’ 24-year service for Manchester United dictates that he will forever be regarded as one of the Premier League’s finest players. According to top flight fans, he is the third best of all-time. 10 1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 24 per cent of the vote – The Portuguese superstar was only in England for six seasons – during which time he was crowned World Player of the Year – but that looks to be enough time for football fans to deem him the finest player to ever grace to the Premier League. Now 30 years old, Ronaldo has added a further two Player of the Year crowns to his sizeable trophy cabinet. 7. Dennis Bergkamp – Five per cent of the vote – Click the arrow to see who is number one – If Patrick Vieira was the heartbeat of Arsenal’s rise to prominence, then Dennis Bergkamp was the architect. The Dutchman wowed crowds on an almost weekly basis with his genius and as such is still held in high regard among English football fans. 10last_img read more

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