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first_imgLet’s inherit True Parents’ tradition and become leaders of the providence who pioneer a New Age Unification Movement – Japan: In their lives of dedication for liberating Heavenly Parent, saving mankind and realizing world peace, True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have constantly paid attention to the providence and the humanity’s future by making preparations under all circumstances.In this respect, True Parents appreciated attitudes of the Puritans who headed toward ‘the new world’ in search of freedom of faith. In spite of terrible hunger and illnesses on their way, they kept seed grains to be planted the coming year. Having arrived in America, they first built a church, then a school, before they built their own houses. It was this spirit that became a condition for Heaven to bless America, True Father applauded.After True Parents moved to the USA in the 1970s for the world-level providence, they trained young members directly, even encouraging some of them to attend well-known American colleges to become future leaders for America and the world.In this era of Cheon Il Guk, True Mother has inherited the True Father’s aspiration of promoting its foundation with far-sighted plans for the providence. One of them is an educational program for the Second Generation as next-generation leaders. Called ‘Top Gun’ program, it was initiated in September 2013 through a 21-day leadership training in Korea. In line with this program, 84 youth gathered for the first Top Gun Japan Workshop last October. Then, from January 13 to February 2 this year, the second Top Gun Japan Workshop assembled 43 youth leaders under True Parents’ immediate attention at the Chiba Training Center.“Become Top Guns to fulfill Heaven’s will at this turning point in providential history”Younger than the previous participants, this workshop included 17 people in their 20s, 21 people in their 30s and 5 people in their 40’s. In terms of their affiliations, 30 people came from the Seonghwa Students and Youth sections, 7 from CARP and 6 from the HQ. Many of them could get to know each other. Three women took part for the first time.The participants of the first Top Gun Workshop were active in the fields. The Top Gun members, though rather young, have set high goals for True Parents in the public ministry, constantly encouraging and guiding those around them. In order to emulate, and surpass, such a model set by the first workshop participants, the second group did challenge a new program.In opening the workshop, President Eiji Tokuno of the Unification Church of Japan said: “This important Top Gun Workshop, in which Heaven and the spirit world have invested so much, will influence your lives.” He mentioned about ‘Five conditions to become leaders of Cheon Il Guk.”In direct charge of the workshop, Vice President Tomihiro Tanaka said: “We are through great challenges as we move toward VISION 2020. Please empower yourselves and get reborn in this workshop!”Offering heartfelt words of encouragement, Mrs. Hae-ok Lee, wife of Chairman of Japan’s Blessed Couples Federation, testified about her association with True Parents. “After forty years of life of faith, I am still struggling. But there is the unchanging conviction within me, that is; human beings cannot but be saved by the Principle. Compare our church with 2,000-year Christianity, and you can find many things that we have not inherited yet. Nonetheless, whatever religious background, even an atheist, anyone can be saved by understanding the Principle.”She further pointed out the value of the Principle from a new angle: “I came to understand that we have the eternal parent; our life does not end on earth; and the life afterwards is the true life!”Rev. Yong Cheon Song, Chairman of Japan’s Blessed Couples Federation, paid visits to the workshop twice. Emphasizing Top Gun’s mission and Heaven’s expectations, he said: “This workshop will become a turning point in the providential history. Let us renew our views of faith, providence, the church in the Cheon Il Guk era, making a start towards a new goal.”In the closing ceremony, he stated, “Heavenly Parent and True Parents have called on all of you to play leading roles in pioneering the new era. Please renew Japan and the world. Let us realize VISION 2020, and become Japan’s Top Guns who will fulfill Heavenly Parent’s desire and will!”last_img read more

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