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first_img 2. Matilda—25% They’re loud. They love their telly. And much like the Sycamores, they have some unfortunate run-ins with some Russians. But the Wormwoods, through all their bickering and belittling, are certainly a colorful clan that we love to hate. And bow down, because there is some royal blood in that family, mind you. 3. A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder—16% Eight D’Ysquiths, from Lords, to Ladies, each one stranger than the next. It’s unfortunate that they seem to get offed just as quickly as we meet them. But that’s life. Or death. And funnily enough, they all somehow look vaguely similar. We wonder why that is. View Comments 1. The Addams Family—37% Two snaps for the winner! They’re creepy and they’re kooky…you know the gist. A tangoing mother and father, a “pulled” brother and sister, a wisecracking grandma and an electrifying uncle—all with a taste for death. While they may not have pickled pigs’ feet or Love Dreams, a dinner with the Addams’ is far from “one normal night,” as the Beinekes learn in the goulish tuner. The Broadway revival of You Can’t Take It With You celebrated its opening night at the Longacre Theatre on September 28. We’re thrilled to have the silly Sycamores back on the Great White Way—snakes, fireworks and all. But they’re not the only group who makes us raise an eyebrow. This weekend, we asked you which Broadway show had the wackiest family. The votes are in, and the winner is…last_img read more

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