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first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram In a bid to fight corruption in the Northern Territory’s police force, ombudsman Peter Shoyer is calling for the government and NT police to review their policies. It comes after Former NT police chief John McRoberts resigned from his post after being investigated for interfering with a criminal investigation surrounding travel agent Xana (Alexandra) Kamitisis.She is facing 148 charges for defrauding a travel concession scheme. Police chief McRoberts was in a relationship with Kamitsis at the time.Ombudsman Shoyer, who brought the case against McRoberts, says McRoberts was bribed by Kamitisis.“In the course of their association, the travel agent also gave a number of personal gifts to the former commissioner,” Mr Shoyer said.Mr Shoyer has compiled a detailed report for the government, and suggests the establishment of an anti-corruption body and a review of police integrity policies.The NT Ombudsman Peter Shoyer is forcing NT Police and Government to review their policies, following the resignation of of a police commissioner involved in a major fraud scandal.The report also stressed the necessity of training and awareness programs for all levels, including senior management, in order to ensure that all officers develop and maintain the analytical skills and mindfulness to be able to identify and address integrity issues as they arise.last_img read more

first_imgVirgin Australia will officially change its carrier code from DJ to VA this year as part of the carrier’s Game Change program.Commencing 13 January 2013, all DJ flights will be replaced by the corresponding VA flights.As part of the change reissue will be required for all SQ 618 tickets issued on or before 12 January 2013 with a DJ flight or SQ code share flight operated by DJ. Travel agents are required to reissue the affected SQ 618 tickets after you have received the schedule change advice in the bookings from 13 January 2013. Reissue is still required for no change to SQ code share flight number and booking class, as VA will operate the SQ code share flight. Change penalty and reissue fee do not apply due to flight schedule change.The new mapping for SQ/MI fares and VA booking classes:SQ/MI fares VA booking classZ class fares VA J classC class fares VA C classJ class fares VA D classD class fares VA I classS class fares VA Y classY class fares VA B classB class fares VA H classE class fares VA K classM class fares VA L classH class fares VA E classW class fares VA N classQ class fares VA V classN class fares VA Q classV class fares VA T classT class fares VA T class VA replaces Virgin Australia’s DJ carrier code Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

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