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first_imgChristiana Hadjiyianni, Year 11 at Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College.What inspired you to learn Greek?The inspiration to learn Greek came from my family.As a young child admiring adults and their abilities, I was always fascinated by how much emotion and emphasis was put into such a language. I had already learnt how to communicate through expression and partly through English, but this was so much more meaningful.I wanted to be understood from a different perspective by contributing what I already knew in another way.What benefits do you think it will have on your studies?I will definitely benefit from completing Greek this year due to a slight increase in my ENTER score. I think Greek was scaled up by 2 marks last year. At the end of the day every little bit helps in shortening the gap between where I am now and where I would like to be in the next two years.What long-term benefits do you see from learningGreek in VCE?Besides having the ability to communicate with friends and family confidently and comfortably, it will increase job opportunities in Greek speaking communities in Australia and worldwide. Another benefit is being able to pass down the Greek language, traditions and morals to my own family in the future.How has it impacted on your understanding of English?High order thinking requires us to write in a sophisticated way and I never cease to be amazed that the most impressive words are of Greek origin. I still get a buzz when I discover an English word has a Greek origin. If ever I am in doubt I can always rely on my knowledge of Greek to help my understanding of English and even Mathematics.Aliki Bachos, Year 11 at St John’s Greek Orthodox College.What inspired you to learn Greek?I’m of Greek background and it’s extremely important to me to be able to speak the Greek language and maintain the Greek heritage and culture. What benefits do you think it will have on your studies?I believe that Greek will help increase my ENTER score because it is my strongest subject and I enjoy it. It is an avenue that Greek students should consider due to it being a LOTE subject, therefore increasing a student’s ENTER score.What long-term benefits do you see of learning Greek in VCE?I have found Greek useful in the past and I believe that it will be beneficial for my future as there will be more opportunities for me as a Greek-Australian. Speaking Greek fluently is a very useful skill that can be used in many ways, for instance greater job opportunities. How has it impacted on your understanding of English?Greek has impacted my understanding of English, as 38 per cent of English words come from Greek origins. Greek helps me extend my vocabulary by the use of translation, giving me the opportunity to learn a larger variety of words in both languages. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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