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Story TimelineHonor Magic 2 teases slide-out camera, Kirin 980 and tiny bezelsHonor Magic 2 will dazzle the crowd later this month It’s as if having a sliding screen weren’t enough of a selling point. OK, actually it might not be. Depending on its implementation, the Honor Magic 2 might be a better or worse idea than the Vivo NEX S or OPPO Find X. It could be a sturdier build or one that may require more expensive repairs when the two halves detach.No, that might not be enough of a selling point, so Honor is throwing in tripe cameras. Yes, Huawei’s sub-brand is finally jumping on the same boat. That possibility is only hinted very briefly in the teaser below, caught by very keen eyes at MyDrivers. We have a rather interesting lineup of phones this month. In addition to the usual serving of high-end phones like the Pixel 3 and the upcoming Huawei Mate 20, we’ve also got the odd ones like the quad camera Galaxy A9 and, of course, the Honor Magic 2. This modern take on a retro design is going on state at the end of the month but its slider might not be its only act. Thanks to Honor’s official teaser video, we can expect one or two more. Of course, we don’t know yet what those three cameras would be but Honor has been pretty good at equipping its wallet-friendly phones with decent sensors. Also alluded to in the video is a fingerprint sensor, something Honor’s exec already confirmed before.There’s also the AI factor hinted there. Allegedly, the sliding action will activate an AI that will open a “magic world”. What that means is anyone’s guess, though you can probably bet it won’t involve Google Assistant. read more

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