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first_imgApril 23, 2021 /Sports News – Local Kanab Girls, Water Canyon Boys, Win Track & Field Titles at Bryce Valley Friday FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailTROPIC, Utah-Friday, Bryce Valley High School hosted a home meet that consisted of regional 1-A and 2-A schools.The Kanab girls won the team title, netting 152 points. Milford finished second with 146 points. They were followed by Panguitch (91.5 points), Bryce Valley (61.5 points), Water Canyon (40.5 points), Valley (34 points), Wayne (21.5 points), Escalante (21 points), Pinnacle (4 points) and Piute (2 points).For the boys, Water Canyon took the team title with 137.3 points. Panguitch finished second with 105.5 point. They were followed by Bryce Valley (104.5 points), Milford (86.5 points), Kanab (63.3 points), Valley (47 points), Pinnacle (20.5 points), Piute (16.5 points), Wayne (6 points) and Escalante (2 points).The Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network participants who placed in the top 8 will have their names in bold type.Girls 3200 Meter RunTabetha Henrie-Panguitch 13:19.03Adelaide Englestead-Panguitch 13:19.88Tayleah Spaulding-Milford 15:10.98Kristen Stewart-Bryce Valley 15:30.35Cydnee Castagno-Kanab 15:41.91Skyler Ott-Bryce Valley 16:16.54Joelle Werlinger-Kanab 16:38.42Luella Darger-Water Canyon 16:58.80Boys 3200 Meter RunBrock Syrett-Bryce Valley 10:53.29Theil Cooke-Water Canyon 11:32.11Hunter Stewart-Milford 11:33.54Ruger Reeve-Valley 12:06.11Dallen Platt-Bryce Valley 12:10.87Brayden Fisher-Milford 12:10.92Trace Bistline-Water Canyon 12:12.07Okley Sylvester-Piute 12:34.76Girls 100 Meter HurdlesMerci Jessop-Water Canyon 18.55Caroline Giddings-Kanab 18.76Amanda Chynoweth-Bryce Valley 19.78NayVee Williams-Milford 20.10Nabbie Willis-Kanab 20.20Briannon Woolsey-Escalante 22.31Brooklyn Jessen-Piute 22.48Ryley Veater-Panguitch 23.18Boys 110 Meter Hurdles.Hyrum Fechser-Water Canyon 17.75Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 18.20Tyler Cox-Panguitch 19.01Justice Savage-Panguitch 20.19Kage Ott-Bryce Valley 20.33Patrick Hammon-Water Canyon 20.68Konner Henrie-Panguitch 20.89Stetson Motte-Pinnacle 21.05Girls 100-Meter Dash.1.Mikelle Church-Kanab 14.232. PaigeJames-Milford 14.433. Debijean Henrie-Panguitch 14.494. London Fenus-Kanab 14.515. Santana Sedillo-Milford 14.636. Jaci Huntington-Kanab 14.647. Hali Peterson-Wayne 14.658. Lacy Ellett-Wayne 14.70Boys 100-Meter DashTravis Stewart-Kanab 11.93Miles Roberts-Bryce Valley 12.40Steven Barlow-Water Canyon 12.56Braxton Swaner-Wayne 12.64Westyn Clark-Bryce Valley 12.70Okley Sylvester-Piute 12.76Dylan Ferguson-Milford 12.78Jesse James-Piute 12.87Girls 400-Meter DashKinley Spaulding-Milford 1:06.08Hailie Wilcox-Panguitch 1:06.69Emrey Kabonic-Kanab 1:08.43Debijean Henrie-Panguitch 1:09.68Alexa Walker-Milford 1:12.39Amber Harker-Water Canyon 1:13.07Allison Clarkson-Kanab 1:14.50Kemery Stuckenschneider-Pinnacle 1:17.56Boys 400-Meter DashSteven Barlow-Water Canyon 54.55Jesse James-Piute 55.63Layton Spencer-Valley 55.96Trace Bistline-Water Canyon 57.08Logan Little-Kanab 57.20Daxton Jones-Kanab 57.42Kydon Davis-Milford 57.52Rulon Barlow-Water Canyon 58.05Girls 1600 Meter RunKezli Floyd-Bryce Valley 6:19.83Whytney Stoddard-Milford 6:31.41Maddie Osterhout-Valley 6:45.09Skyler Ott-Bryce Valley 7:28.67Natalie Whipple-Wayne 7:32.59Luella Darger-Water Canyon 7:59.06Boys 1600 Meter RunPorter Schoppe-Panguitch 5:00.18Carter Yardley-Panguitch 5:19.26Theil Cooke-Water Canyon 5:28.71Hunter Stewart-Milford 5:29.31Trent Jessop-Water Canyon 5:34.78Ruger Reeve-Valley 5:39.58Okley Sylvester-Piute 5:46.76Milo Atwood-Bryce Valley 5:47.16Girls 300-Meter HurdlesMadysen Griffiths-Milford 53.28Adelaide Englestead-Panguitch 53.33Merci Jessop-Water Canyon 54.02Nabbie Willis-Kanab 55.23Briannon Woolsey-Escalante 55.82Amanda Chynoweth-Bryce Valley 56.87Ryley Veater-Panguitch 1:04.81Bryony Timpson-Water Canyon 1:06.45Boys 300-Meter HurdlesBlake Barnes-Milford 43.13Benjamin Jeffs-Water Canyon 44.31Konner Henrie-Panguitch 48.29Tyler Cox-Panguitch 49.38Patrick Hammon-Water Canyon 51.05Kage Ott-Bryce Valley 51.90Eli Sanders-Kanab 52.03Braysyn Brinkerhoff-Bryce Valley 53.41Girls 4 x 100Kanab A 53.44 (Jaci Huntington, Mikelle Church, Madi Orton, London Fenus)Milford Tigers 57.04 (Serena Sedillo, Santana Sedillo, Marley Wunderlich, Alexa Walker)Kanab B 57.51 (Kate Ballard, Kinsey Little, Leila Seely, Emrey Kabonic)Water Canyon Wildcats 57.53 (Shaylee Holm, Meg Fischer, Amber Harker, Merci Jessop)Boys 4 x 100Panguitch Bobcats 48.74 (Treyson Prince, Konner Henrie, Carter Yardley, Klyn Fullmer)Milford Tigers 50.22 (Drayton Blackburn, Dylan Ferguson, Traie Buhler, Anthony Ruelas)Bryce Valley Mustangs 53.29 (Braysyn Brinkerhoff, Ben Jensen, Ethan Platt, Collin StewartWater Canyon Wildcats 54.09 (Lorin Allred, David Jeffs, Domonic Layton, Patrick Hammon)Girls 800-Meter RunMaddie Osterhout-Valley 2:56.52Tayleah Spaulding-Milford 2:57.74Cydnee Castagno-Kanab 2:57.77Nadia Griffin-Escalante 3:01.24Allison Clarkson-Kanab 3:06.13Madison Sasser-Pinnacle 3:11.18Natalie Whipple-Wayne 3:15.77Boys 800-Meter RunLanden Hardy-Pinnacle 2:10.82Rulon Barlow-Water Canyon 2:14.72Tyler Bonham-Valley 2:18.80Taiven Cluff-Milford 2:20.84Daxton Jones-Kanab 2:25.36Trent Jessop-Water Canyon 2:25.71Ruger Reeve-Valley 2:28.73Logan Little-Kanab 2:29.52Girls 200-Meter DashJaci Huntington-Kanab 29.37Madi Orton-Kanab 29.61Santana Sedillo-Milford 29.85Paige James-Milford 29.94Debijean Henrie-Panguitch 30.50Lacey Ellett-Wayne 31.05London Fenus-Kanab 31.58Brynley Wunderlich-Milford 31.66Boys 200-Meter DashTravis Stewart-Kanab 23.95Miles Roberts-Bryce Valley 24.98Klyn Fullmer-Panguitch 25.06Steven Barlow-Water Canyon 25.71Westyn Clark-Bryce Valley 25.78Randen Leslie-Bryce Valley 26.00Dylan Ferguson-Milford 26.02Braxton Swaner-Wayne 26.25Girls MedleyMilford Tigers 4:52.05 (Madysen Griffiths, Brynley Wunderlich, JaLeana Tsosie, Kinley Spaulding)Water Canyon Wildcats 5:18.74 (Meg Fischer, Luella Darger, Amber Harker, Merci Jessop)Valley Buffaloes 5:25.63 (Raigen Frost, Mya Young, Savannah Wood, Maddie Osterhout)Boys MedleyValley Buffaloes 4:10.27 (Ben Cox, Gavin Hoyt, Spencer Cox, Layton Spencer)Bryce Valley Mustangs 4:39.25 (Treyson Clark, Braysyn Brinkerhoff, Milo Atwood, Dallen Platt)Milford Tigers 4:47.09 (Tesler Fields, Marek Holth, Talma Harding, Gage Yardley)Girls 4 x 400Bryce Valley Mustangs 4:46.00 (Amanda Chynoweth, Kezli Floyd, Brooklyn Syrett, Kristen Stewart)Panguitch Bobcats 5:05.60 (Ryley Veater, Shelby Frandsen, Tabetha Henrie, Hailie Wilcox)Boys 4 x 400Bryce Valley Mustangs 3:42.44 (Brock Syrett, Miles Roberts, Westyn Clark, Randen Leslie)Panguitch Bobcats 3:55.90 (Theron Evans, Cameron Parkin, Carter Yardley, Porter Schoppe)Water Canyon Wildcats 4:00.54 (Terence Cooke, Trent Jessop, Patrick Hammon, Trace Bistline)Milford Tigers 4:26.95 (Dylan Ferguson, Brayden Fisher, Hunter Stewart, Talma Harding)Boys Long JumpTravis Stewart-Kanab 19-10.00Benjamin Jeffs-Water Canyon 19-06.50Westyn Clark-Bryce Valley 19-05.00Randen Leslie-Bryce Valley 19-02.00Bret Beebe-Milford 18-06.00Drayton Blackburn-Milford 18-01.50Tyler Cox-Panguitch 17-11.50Treyson Clark-Bryce Valley 17-08.00Girls Long JumpJaci Huntington-Kanab 16-01.00Mikelle Church-Kanab 16-00.50Adelaide Englestead-Panguitch 15-04.50Tabetha Henrie-Panguitch/Brooklyn Syrett Bryce Valley 15-04.006. Madi Orton-Kanab 14-09.007. Paige James-Milford/Madysen Griffiths-Milford 14-07.00Boys High JumpMiles Roberts-Bryce Valley 5-11.00Hyrum Fechser-Water Canyon 5-11.00Benjamin Jeffs-Water Canyon 5-05.00Treyson Clark-Bryce Valley/Michael Schmitz-Pinnacle 5-03.006. Traie Buhler-Milford 5-03.007. Adrian Dalton-Escalante 5-01.008. Jaxon Jenson-Kanab/Treyson Prince-Panguitch 4-09.00Girls High JumpMadi Orton-Kanab 5-02.00Mikelle Church-Kanab 5-00.00Hanna Williams-Wayne 4-08.00Mikki Prows-Escalante 4-06.00Briannon Woolsey-Escalante 4-06.00Kaitlyn Stubbs-Water Canyon 4-04.00Brittyn Heaton-Valley 4-04.00Ambria Giles-Wayne/Allison Alkema-Water Canyon 4-02.00Boys JavelinGavin Hoyt-Valley 129-08.50Karsen Button-Kanab 127-03.50Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 124-08.75Stetson Motte-Pinnacle 123-01Kage Ott-Bryce Valley 120-00Luke Finicum-Milford 118-06.50Brannigan Winckel-Piute/Traie Buhler-Milford 114-00.50Girls JavelinKinley Spaulding-Milford 100-10Kaelynn Cox-Panguitch 99-04JaLeana Tsosie-Milford 97-11Brooklyn Syrett-Bryce Valley 91-08.50Kristen Stewart-Bryce Valley 89-05Hanna Williams-Wayne 89-02Kimber Reeve-Valley 88-07Brittyn Heaton-Valley 87-01.50Boys Shot PutMakenzie Jessop-Water Canyon 38-03.50Michael Warino-Kanab 36-01.00Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 34-10.75Gavin Hoyt-Valley 34-09.25Klyn Fullmer-Panguitch 34-09.00Karsen Button-Kanab 34-08.75Justen Beebe-Milford 34-05.75Rhyder Ambrose-Milford 34-02.50Girls Shot PutAbby Bateman-Kanab 33-01.75JaLeana Tsosie-Milford 31-11.00Kezli Floyd-Bryce Valley 28-09.00NayVee Williams-Milford 28-04.00Brittyn Heaton-Valley 26-04.50Kaelynn Cox-Panguitch 25-11.00Kambri Beckstead-Kanab 25-03.25Presley Willden-Milford 25-02.50Boys DiscusMakenzie Jessop-Water Canyon 128-10.50Rhyder Ambrose-Milford 112-08.50Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 111-11Cody Frandsen-Panguitch 99-04Morgan Finicum-Milford 94-08.50Blake Barnes-Milford 93-01Rusten Torgersen-Panguitch 89.06Moroni Holm-Water Canyon 87-06Girls DiscusKaelynn Cox-Panguitch 78-08Harley Thomas-Milford 75-11.50NayVee Williams-Milford 74-00.50Presley Willden-Milford 71-09.50Abby Bateman-Kanab 70-08Kimber Reeve-Valley 69-11.50Kambri Beckstead-Kanab 68-10.50Mikenna Holm-Milford 64-06  Brad Jamescenter_img Written bylast_img read more

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