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first_imgThe Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), which represents over 790 Australian macadamia growers and processors, is planning an awareness campaign to raise the profile and increase sales of macadamias in the UK.The Australian macadamia industry has undertaken a large planting programme and as these trees come into production over the next seven years, crop tonnages are expected to double.Philip Montgomery, marketing director of the AMS, said: “The UK awareness campaign will include extensive consumer sampling, a trade and consumer public relations campaign, and a programme to encourage increased usage of the nut in food manufacture.”The AMS programme will also educate consumers on the nut’s Australian origins.”The UK campaign follows significant investment in the promotion and development of Australian macadamias in other European countries, which has lead to encouraging sales increases.The Australian macadamia industry recorded its highest ever production in 2004 (42,900 tonnes) and industry estimates suggest that the 2006 calendar year crop will be 40,000 tonnes of nuts in shell – enough to produce 11,500 tonnes of edible kernels.There are currently some eight million trees planted, of which some 4.1 million are mature.Montgomery added: “Acclaimed as the ’queen of nuts’, macadamias are Australia’s only indigenous, commercially grown food crop. They have a buttery taste giving recipes a luxury, creamy quality.”last_img read more

first_imgThe new year is an opportunity for do-overs, fresh starts, and new beginnings. People often use the new year as motivation to quit a bad habit, lose weight, start a new exercise regimen or gain control of their finances. These popular resolutions have more in common than turning up at the top of the list of resolutions people make every year. They involve changing routines that develop gradually over many years. Changing bad behavior overnight is a tall order, and rarely possible. By Ground Hog’s Day, most resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Why? People tend to be too hard on themselves. You fall off the wagon one time, and decide you have failed and give up your goal completely. But people who stick with it long enough to be successful know that failing is part of the process. Persistence — trying again after every failure — is the key to success. Remember that small changes to your daily routines make a huge difference over the course of a year. Walking 30 minutes a day does not make you thin overnight. Drinking one less soft drink, passing on the doughnuts and the few cents you save by skipping these treats may also seem insignificant, but if you stick with these small changes day after day, you will see the results. Think positive! If you want to fail at making your resolutions stick, focus on what you have to give up. Constantly thinking about what you are losing practically guarantees failure. Banish this negativity from your thoughts. To be successful you need to focus on the prize, the benefit you get from having money for important goals such as paying for a college education, getting out of debt, buying a first home and saving for retirement. Here are a few tips to help you manage your money better in the coming year. Know where your money goes. Find out how much money comes in and exactly where it goes. Carry a pad with you for a month or two. Record every purchase. At the end of the month, separate your spending into no more than a dozen categories such as food, housing and transportation.Target eyebrow-raising surprises for spending cuts. If you have never tracked your spending, you will probably find out you spend a lot more than you thought for something you do every day. If it bothers you that you spend so much for whatever it may be, do something about it. Set realistic and specific goals. A specific goal includes the cost of the goal and the date you plan to reach it, such as planning to save $600 by next December for holiday gifts. The goal is realistic if you can afford to set aside $50 each month. If you cannot, adjust the goal or increase your income.Develop a plan for spending to meet goals. Besides goals, your spending plan needs to include fixed, variable and occasional expenses. Fixed expenses are the same every month. Variable expenses go up or down each month. Occasional expenses are due less often than every month. Some occasional expenses, like birthdays and annual insurance premiums, you know about. Others, like medical bills, arise unexpectedly.Pay yourself first. Saving whatever is left over usually means not saving at all. Instead, put the money you need to save for goals and occasional expenses in your savings account before you spend a penny for anything else. Better yet, arrange for an automatic deposit or payroll deduction into your savings account. When you get a raise at work, sign up for half the raise amount to go into a savings account or a company savings plan. Eliminate debt. Pay attention to how much you pay in monthly finance charges on credit card and other debt. Instead of paying interest each month on your debt, you could be earning it on your savings. Being on the lending side of that transaction is a much better deal than being on the borrowing side. The money going to debt payments each month could be going to your savings. Focus on one expense at a time. When making changes, it is easy to go too far, too fast. Commit to making a few changes at a time to reduce your spending for a particular expense. Stick with the changes until they become second nature. If you miss a day, a few days, or even a week, do not give up.These simple suggestions can help you better manage your money. Some changes pay off more rapidly than others. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results.last_img read more

first_imgA Texas man has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for threatening to assassinate President Trump, prosecutors say.The suspect, 36-year-old Mickael Gedlu was sentenced Friday, officials with the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas announced. He pleaded guilty last December to making threats against the president. According to plea documents, Gedlu admitted he threatened Trump’s life on social media, stating on YouTube: “I am waiting for Trump to visit Dallas before I attempt to assassinate him.”Photo courtesy: Keller Detention FacilityDuring the court proceedings, prosecutors said that on May 31, 2018, Gedlu was observed across the street from Dallas’ Adolphus Hotel just 30 minutes before Trump arrived there for a fundraiser.Dallas police officers noticed that Gedlu was holding a “Kill Trump” sign and arrested him as he screamed “kill the president.”Prosecutors said the U.S. Secret Service and Dallas Police partnered on the investigation.last_img read more

first_imgThe Cowboys 7-6 have played much like the Steelers, up and down, but they have been up lately pulling out a last minute victory, 20-19 over the Bengals last week helping to keep the Steelers playoff hopes alive.The Bengals could have moved a game ahead of the Steelers but weren’t able to hold on for the victory. The Indianapolis Colts (9-4) entrenched themselves two games ahead of the Bengals and Steelers with an impressive 27-23 come from behind victory over the Tennessee Titans, thus reducing the playoff fight to two teams for one slot, unless something very surprising happens in the final three games. This week the Bengals face the Philadelphia Eagles (5-8) who are coming off a 23-21 upset win over the Tampa Bay Bucs.The Cowboys led by Tony Romo started off hot, then cooled off, but because of the low quality of play by the other teams in their division still have a good chance of winning it, but they must beat the Steelers. Which makes this game huge because both teams are pretty much out of the playoffs if they lose, or are they?Romo is having an average season completing 66 percent of his passes with a quarterback rating of 88.5, with 20 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. His key receivers are tight end Jason Witten, 92 catches for 860 yards; and wide receivers Dez Bryant, 75 catches for 1028 yards and Miles Austin, 55 receptions for 819 yards. The ground game is average headed by DeMarco Murray, 119 carries for 466 yards and a 3.9 average. Backing him is Felix Jones with 368 yards for a 3.8 average per carry.In the most important category points allowed and points scored the Cowboys are 16th in points scored, and 22 in points allowed. This game could go in any direction because of the unpredictability of the two teams. The Cowboys have been very inconsistent on both offense and defense whereas the Steelers have been strong on defense but extremely weak offensively with the exception of the Ravens game. Both teams must find a way to get their offense back in gear if they are going to make the playoffs, or more importantly, go anywhere if they do make the playoffs.The Bengals and Steelers will clash probably for the playoff berth next week. The Steelers will finish the season against the hot Browns, (5-8) and the Bengals against the not so hot Ravens (9-4). The Ravens have dropped from the No. 2 seed to the No. 4 seed, and if the Steelers were playing anywhere up to their talent the two would be fighting for the division title. All the AFC division winners appear to be set with three games left.AFC East, New England Patriots, 9-3; AFC South, Houston Texans, 11-1; AFC North, Baltimore Ravens, 9-4; and the AFC West, Denver Broncos, 10-3. MAKE SOME NOISE—The display board at Heinz Field calls for the fans to make noise as the Pittsburgh Steelers defense tries to stop the San Diego Chargers in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) Despite playing the worst ball of the season in three of their last four games the Steelers may still back into the playoffs. With the exception of the Baltimore Ravens game the Steelers offense has been on vacation the past four weeks. Even though the defense has kept them in games and even won one and nearly another, at some point the offense must show up. They didn’t against the San Diego Chargers which led to a 34-24 defeat making the game this week against the Dallas Cowboys huge. The Chargers game was actually more lopsided than the score indicated, as the Steelers scored most of their points after the game was lost.last_img read more

first_imgThe late Reverend Maxwell P. Magbinne, a Baptist clergy referred to by members of the Fundamental Baptist Churches as “Hero of faith” was laid to rest on August 22. He died August 7 after a protracted period of illness.Having received the Christian faith as far back as the 1960s and staying therein during the good times and trials, the late Rev. Magbinne is praised by members of his denomination for roles he played in their blessed weddings; building many churches; leading many people to Christ; purchasing more properties for the Calvary Baptist Church, which he once led as a pastor; and reconciling the Fundamental Baptist Churches that almost fell apart in the 1980s.Tributes during the funeral indicated that Reverend Maxwell Magbinne was though cool-tempered, emotionally intelligent, and soft in speech; nevertheless, he could not compromise the truth for an individual’s interest.On this basis, his numerous admirers said he would use the Gospel to preach and speak the truth to the congregation without regard for anyone’s displeasure about the message he had to deliver.Sympathizers in their elegies did not end their tributes with the regular saying, “May his soul rest in peace,” but were confident that “His soul is resting in peace with the Lord.”“I knew him for saying the truth whether somebody likes it or not. As long as it was scriptural and rational for the good of all, the late Rev. Magbinne will speak it in his sermon and discussion with members of the church. He was a great man of God whose faith could not waver, and I know without condition, he is resting with the Heavenly Father,” a sympathizer elegized.In his tribute, Saye Magbinne, the Late Rev. Magbinne’s son, said for as long as he knew his father and mother, he never saw them fight. “Despite his old age and ailing condition, my dad could cover long distances during the war years just to propagate the Gospel in the interior, and no day could we be late for service. We were always punctual.”The senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Rev. G. Larque Vaye, said in tribute delivered via telephone, “Rev. Magbinne was a devoted preacher, good husband to learn from, hero of faith, reconciler, development-oriented leader, a visionary and one without fear or favor when it comes to the truth.”Rev. William M. Kolaglaye, who delivered the funeral discourse, said “Rev. Magbinne, led the Calvary Baptist Church for years and purchased parcels of land, one of which the Calvary Baptist School is built on in the Fiamah Community.His widow, Mrs. Martha Magbinne, acknowledged how the two of them remained in good relationship since their marriage in 1971 and called each other ‘Mamie and Daddy’. “My husband remained faithful to his God even when he became very sick from 2008, and because he could not speak as a result of illness, he only said ‘hallelujah’ when people came around him.” Their union was blessed with six children. The late Rev. Maxwell Magbinne retired from active preaching in 2008 when he became paralyzed and dumb from hypertension. Though sick for a protracted period of time, family sources say he took his last breath on August 7 when his last cherished daughter, Nienbei mysteriously died after two days on the first job she got after completing college. The daughter was immediately buried. According to family sources, he convulsed in grief and tried to voice out, but could not because of his condition. “It was from the convulsion that he also passed away right after the little girl’s death,” a family member said.Reverend Maxwell Magbinne was born on September 9, 1948 in Yuula, Bong County. He would have been 67 years old this year. He is survived by his wife Martha who he married in 1971; five children, ten grand children; four brothers and three sisters; all living in Liberia. His profile indicates that upon completing high school, he became interested in preaching the Gospel, thereby leading him to attending the Mid-Baptist Mission Bible Institute in Tappita, Lower Nimba County in the 1970s.Upon completion, he became actively involved with evangelizing and planted churches in Monrovia and other parts of the country.He was also privileged to travel for seminars and conferences to the United States where he gained much experience in church administration.He is recorded for leading the Calvary and Beawo Baptist Churches on 18th Street and using his leadership skills to acquire properties for them, something members count on to describe him as a true visionary.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img(Visited 102 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 You would think things would have cooled down after 4.5 billion years. That’s not what planetary scientists are observing.Ceres Cold VolcanoesSeveral news outlets reported that the dwarf planet Ceres, largest body in the asteroid belt, has ice volcanoes. Phys.org says that the famous Ahuna Mons cryovolcano, announced in 2015 from Dawn Spacecraft observations, is probably not alone. If there’s one, there’s probably been more.Adding to the puzzle are the steep sides and well-defined features of Ahuna Mons – usually signs of geologic youth, [Michael] Sori [U of Arizona] said. That leads to two possibilities: Ahuna Mons is just as it appears, inexplicably alone after forming relatively recently on an otherwise inactive world. Or, the cryovolcano is not alone or unusual, and there is some process on Ceres that has destroyed its predecessors and left the young Ahuna Mons as the solitary cryovolcano on the dwarf planet, according to Sori.Earlier volcanoes may have flattened out by viscous relaxation over millions of years, the article claims. But then why would there be any activity at all today? “Ahuna Mons is at most 200 million years old, “Sori claims. “It just hasn’t had time to deform.” He guesses that age by assuming models of water-ice content and other model parameters, and fitting its lifetime into what he assumes for the age of the solar system (A.S.S.) in Darwin Years. It should be noted, though, that 200 million years represents only 1/23rd of the A.S.S. Was activity occurring steadily for the other 22/23rds of the dwarf planet’s existence?Ceres bright spots in Occator CraterAdding to the puzzle is the brightness of those intriguing white spots in Occator Crator. Another news item on Phys.org says they are only 4 million Darwin Years old, 30 million Darwin Years younger than the crater itself.  What happened? The article presents a story, but it’s difficult to explain a one-off type of feature.  See Astrobiology Magazine for pretty pictures and more storytelling.Space. com puts a happy face on the quandary facing old-age planetary scientists:“It would be fun to check some of the other features that are potentially older domes on Ceres to see if they fit in with the theory of how the shapes should viscously evolve over time,” Singer said in the same statement. “Because all of the putative cryovolcanic features on other worlds are different, I think this helps to expand our inventory of what is possible.“Yes; explaining features that your philosophy did not predict can be loads of fun.The Way the Comet CrumblesIs Comet 67P breaking up? That’s what scientists are guessing after the ESA crashed their Rosetta orbiter into the comet. It’s not surprising, of course, that comets crumble and dissipate as they round the sun. Several comets have been seen to break up (most famously Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 whose fragments crashed into Jupiter in 1994). Rosetta scientists are watching cliffs collapse, bright spots appear and jets erupt from beneath the surface of Comet 67P, as Monica Grady describes with pictures on The Conversation.Another comet broke in half last month. Space.com tells about how Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann was observed to split apart as astronomers watched from a telescope in Chile. “”It certainly feels like it’s only a matter of time before comet 73P is destroyed, disintegrating into a trail of cosmic dust,” said one astronomer, aware that the solar wind and solar radiation spell doom for all comets eventually. The question is why there are any comets left after 4.6 billion years.A Black Eye for Enceladus?Astronomers are calling on their favorite theory rescue device again – asteroid impacts – to try to explain one of the most amazing discoveries by the Cassini spacecraft: the geysers of Saturn’s little moon Enceladus. The impact theory has arisen of necessity, Leah Crane reports on New Scientist, because of the puzzling features of this moon. Why is all the activity at the south pole? The astronomers’ previous explanation, tidal flexing, would tend to make the activity spread all over the body. So sound the bugles: in comes an impactor!Enceladus’ south pole is wounded, bleeding heat and water. Its injury may have come from a huge rock smashing into this frigid moon of Saturn less than 100 million years ago, leaving the area riddled with leaky cracks.The region near Enceladus’ south pole marks one of the solar system’s most intriguing mysteries. It spews plumes of liquid from an interior ocean, plus an enormous amount of heat. The south pole’s heat emission is about 10 gigawatts higher than expected – equivalent to the power of 4000 wind turbines running at full capacity. The rest of the moon, though, is cold and relatively homogeneous.“We don’t have a really good explanation for why all this activity is so concentrated,” says John Spencer at the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado.Every solution breeds new problems, though. Where did this impactor come from? And why did it hit 100 million Darwin Years ago, long after the solar system had theoretically quieted down? 100 million years is just 1/45th of the A.S.S.Saturn’s moon Enceladus with “Tiger Stripes” fissures where geysers erupt10 gigawatts is enough to make Doc cry, “Great Scott!” That’s a lot of heat for a moon the diameter of Arizona. In Icarus, five planetary scientists try to model “heat transport in the high-pressure ice mantle of large icy moons,” particular bigger ones like Ganymede and Titan. They assume that melt extraction is instantaneous, but end up with long ages: “Overall, we predict long periods of time during these moons’ history where water generated in contact with the rock core is transported to the above ocean,” they say, because they have to. Models must fit the A.S.S.Speaking of Titan, Astrobiology Magazine says that dissolved nitrogen may make the giant moon’s methane lakes fizzy. Up comes the bubbling crude to the delight of the Titan hillbillies, which certain astrobiologists expect might exist (see Space.com).Note: The Cassini mission ends on September 15. For a timetable of Grand Finale events, including daring dives between the rings, see the JPL Cassini page.The Pluto PapersWe won’t dwell on Pluto’s possible comeback as a planet, since that’s simply a philosophical question of taxonomy. Of interest in this article is, why is Pluto still active? The planetary journal Icarus featured a series of papers about Pluto last month. For those wishing to do further research on signs of youth vs age, here’s a list of the papers, starting with one led by the project scientist of the New Horizons mission:False-color image of Pluto from New Horizons, July 24, 2015MacKinnon et al., “Origin of the Pluto–Charon system: Constraints from the New Horizons flyby,” Icarus. Guess the latest origin theory. Impact!Howard et al., “Present and Past Glaciation on Pluto,” Icarus. First highlight: “Nitrogen glaciers are presently flowing on Pluto.” Question: why, after 4.5 billion years?Umurhan et al., “Modeling Glacial Flow on and onto Pluto’s Sputnik Planitia,” Icarus. Undoubtedly they do their best to keep flows going for billions of Darwin Years.Schmitt et al., “Physical state and distribution of materials at the surface of Pluto,” Icarus. As they watch material sublimate away, they’re seeking “to better understand the geophysical processes in action at the surface of this astonishingly active frozen world.“Moore et al., “Sublimation as a landform-shaping process on Pluto,” Icarus. One way out of the time problem: ” In our models, the temporal evolution of pitted surfaces is such that initially lots of time passes with little happening, then eventually, very rapid development of relief and rapid sublimation.”Robbins et al., “Craters of the Pluto-Charon System,” Icarus. This team conducts initial mapping of craters before interpreting them. The lack of craters was a big puzzle for the scientists, indicating that much of Pluto’s surface, especially Sputnik Planitia, must be very young.Protopapa et al., “Pluto’s global surface composition through pixel-by-pixel Hapke modeling of New Horizons Ralph/LEISA data,” Icarus. They consider Sputnik Planitia as a possible cold trap of volatiles.Desch and Neveu, “Differentiation and cryovolcanism on Charon: A view before and after New Horizons,” Icarus. This overconfident duo claims, “In this article we compare the predictions against the new observations, and find that they largely support the expected history of the Pluto system and the evolution of Charon.” Why, then, the surprised looks on the team’s faces? Their ‘predictions’ rely on radiogenic heat, not observable, only accessible to models.Beyer et al., “Charon Tectonics,” Icarus (open access). “New Horizons images of Pluto’s companion Charon show a variety of terrains that display extensional tectonic features, with relief surprising for this relatively small world.” With some strain, they find a way to fit the observations to the A.S.S.Commenting on Beyer’s paper, Jesse Emspak at Space.com says that “Pluto’s moon Charon had its own icy plate tectonics” – a surprising claim for such a small body. As you ponder the heat sources, try saying ‘proto-Pluto’ five times real fast.Beyer noted that current models depict Charon forming as a result of a proto-Pluto colliding with something big and effectively splitting into two unequal pieces, one of which would become Charon. The initial collision would have generated some heat, and radioactive elements in Charon’s core would have generated some more, he said. Initially the surface, made mostly of water with some ammonia, would freeze, but the layer between the rocky core and crust of ice would still be liquid, he added.Doctors will do whatever it takes to keep their patient’s A.S.S. intact.Planetary scientists could have such an easier time by relaxing their anal-retentive A.S.S. and enjoying youth.last_img read more

first_imgIndian skipper Mahendra Singh DhoniThe BCCI on Monday said Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s comments on coach Duncan Fletcher is his “personal opinion” after the national team’s captain said that Fletcher still called the shots and would lead them into next year’s World Cup.”I have not spoken to Dhoni and so the BCCI will not like to react to his comments,” said BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel about Dhoni’s comments on the eve of their one-day series against England which appeared to undermine former captain Ravi Shastri.”However, it seemed to me as his personal opinion,” said Patel.Shastri was appointed as director of cricket for the one-day series as part of a coaching shake-up following the 3-1 test series defeat. The appointment had created questions about Fletcher’s role after bowling coach Joe Dawes and fielding mentor Trevor Penney were also given a ‘break’ for the series by the BCCI.Sanjay Bangar and Bharat Arun were made assistant coaches and R. Sridhar named as fielding coach.Shastri who played 80 tests and 150 ODIs for India said after his appointment that the team staff’, including Fletcher, will report to him.The 33-year-old Dhoni who leads India in all three formats and captained the side to their 50-over World Cup victory at home in 2011 however said Fletcher was still firmly in charge.”Definitely he (Fletcher) will lead us into the World Cup,” Dhoni told reporters in Bristol on the eve of the five-match series.”Also he is still the boss. We have Ravi (Shastri) who will look into everything, but Duncan Fletcher is the boss. It’s not as if his powers or his position have been curtailed. I don’t know what you feel from outside, but still operations remain the same. We have a few other support staff who come into the dressing room, but overall the operation remains the same,” said the Indian skipper.advertisementlast_img read more

first_imgThe 20th Annual Yass Valley Knockout Tournament will be held at Walker Park, Yass on 26-27 January, 2008. The hugely popular event will be conducted across Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed categories in A and B divisions with $ 12,000 in prizemoney up for grabs. For full details of the 2008 Yass Valley Knock-out including nominaton form, tournament rules, and accommodation options please open the below attachment.Closing dates for nominations is 11 January, 2008.For further details Contact Rod Wise on 02 62262824 or Phil Jarrett on 02 95589333.Related Files2008_yass_valley_touch_knockout_form-pdflast_img

first_imgLyon reject Man City offer for Tanguy Ndombeleby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLyon have rejected an offer from Manchester City for Tanguy Ndombele.The Times says City have bid £45m for the 22-year-old, who impressed twice in the meetings with Lyon in the Champions League.However, Lyon are said to have rejected the reported bid, and are looking for at least £75m for the French international.City have also been linked with Ndombele’s teammate Houssem Aouar, with recent reports claiming they are prepared to bid £54m for Lyon’s other midfield general.It is unlikely City will bid for both players, and 20-year-old Aouar left a lasting impression on Pep Guardiola in the 2-2 draw in Lyon this season. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more