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first_imgHome » News » F%ur: outsourcing lettings management for 4% previous nextProptechF%ur: outsourcing lettings management for 4%The Negotiator30th August 20190121 Views F%ur ( has launched, offering agencies outsourced property management at a 4% fee.Launched by Adiuvo, who have serviced multinational agencies like Savills and Knight Frank for 12 years, looking after more than half a million homes out of hours, providing 24/7 call handling triage.F%ur adds cutting edge tech provided by Askporter – an Artificial Intelligence powered property management platform – to specialist call handling and maintenance from its parent company Adiuvo and expert back office letting processes provided by Rushbrook & Rathbone.Combining these, F%ur offers letting agents and portfolio managers a full outsourced solution for all the time consuming parts of the property cycle – all pre-tenancy administration including referencing, the agreement and right to rent checks; all tenancy, maintenance and management including a yearly inspection; rent collection, accounts and arrears management and complete post-tenancy including deposit issues or renewals – at a cost of four per cent of the monthly rent.Colin Stokes, MD, F%ur, said, “We saw the possibility of combining the askporter platform with our own expertise to offer a service to letting agents and property managers at a hugely competitive rate.“With our partnership with Rushbrook & Rathbone, we are able to provide clients with a complete service that provides the best of tradition and innovation. F%ur will help agents offer great value and make a return for themselves too.” F%ur proptech outsourcing August 30, 2019The NegotiatorWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles Letting agent fined £11,500 over unlicenced rent-to-rent HMO3rd May 2021 BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021last_img read more

first_imgConditions of EmploymentThis is a professional expert position. The District reserves theright to extend, modify, or eliminate this position based uponavailable funds. The effective dates of employment will be arrangedwith the supervisor.This is a recruitment for an applicant POOL to filltemporary/short-term assignments on an as-needed basis. Departmentsor Divisions will refer to the POOL of applications on file to filltemporary/short-term assignments as the need arises. Applicationswill remain in the pool for one year. You will be contacted by thehiring manager should the department/division be interested inscheduling an interview. Please do not call the Office of HumanResources regarding the status of your application .Employment is contingent upon verification of employment history,background verification as governed under Education Coderequirements, eligibility to work in the United States, andapproval by the CCCD Board of Trustees. The hours of work andeffective date of employment will be arranged with thesupervisor.Regular attendance is considered an essential job function; theinability to meet attendance requirements may preclude the employeefrom retaining employment.The person holding this position is considered a mandatedreporter under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Actand is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CoastCommunity College District policies, procedures, and Title IX.(Reference: BP/AP 5910)The Coast Community College District celebrates all forms ofdiversity and is deeply committed to fostering an inclusiveenvironment within which students, staff, administrators, andfaculty thrive. Individuals interested in advancing the District’sstrategic diversity goals are strongly encouraged to apply.Reasonable accommodations will be provided for qualified applicantswith disabilities who self-disclose.Application materials must be electronically submitted on-lineat . Incomplete applications and applicationmaterials submitted by mail will not be considered.Additional InformationAPPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: To be considered for thisopportunity, you must submit a COMPLETE application packet. Acomplete application packet includes:A complete Coast Community College District OnlineEmployment Application.Answers to ALL Supplemental Questions, if any (pleaseprovide clear and detailed responses, where applicable, as theywill be carefully evaluated to determine the most qualifiedcandidate(s) to be invited for an interview; please do not pasteyour resume, put ‘see resume’ or ‘N/A’, or leave blank).A Current Resume (as a separate attachment – PDFrecommended).Candidates will also be responsible for all travel expenses ifselected for an interview, the Coast Community College Districtdoes not reimburse for candidate travel expenses.Disability AccommodationsIf you require accommodations in the Application or ExaminationProcess, please notify Human Resources by calling (714)438-4714.PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORK ENVIRONMENT:The physical demands are representative of those that must bemet by an employee to successfully perform the essential functionsof this job.The work environment characteristics are representative ofthose an employee encounters while performing the essentialfunctions of this job.Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individualswith disabilities to perform the essential functions.A detailed list of physical demands and work environment is onfile and will be provided upon request.This direct link 2020 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASFSR) is the 2020Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for Coast Colleges. Thecrime statistics for calendar years 2017, 2018, and 2019 weresubmitted to the U.S. Department of Education as required under theJeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus CrimeStatistics Act. A hardcopy can be provided from one of the CampusSafety Offices. Please contact any of the Campus Safety Offices forany questions regarding the report.The Coast Community College District is a multi-college districtthat includes Coastline Community College , Golden WestCollege , and Orange Coast College . The three colleges offerprograms in transfer, general education, occupational/technicaleducation, community services and student support services.Coastline, Golden West and Orange Coast Colleges enroll more than60,000 students each year in more than 300 degree and certificateprograms.Since its founding in 1947, the Coast Community College Districthas enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading community collegedistricts in the United States. Governed by a locally elected Boardof Trustees, the Coast Community College District plays animportant role in the community by responding to needs of achanging and increasingly diverse population.Coast Community College District is an Equal OpportunityEmployerThe Coast Community College District is committed to employingqualified administrators/managers, faculty, and staff members whoare dedicated to student learning and success. The Board recognizesthat diversity in the academic environment fosters awareness,promotes mutual understanding and respect, and provides suitablerole models for all students. The Board is committed to hiring andstaff development processes that support the goals of equalopportunity and diversity, and provide equal consideration for allqualified candidates. The District does not discriminate unlawfullyin providing educational or employment opportunities to any personon the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, genderexpression, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, sexualorientation, marital status, medical condition, physical or mentaldisability, military or veteran status, or geneticinformation. Non-academic, non-classified Professional Experts are notpart of classified service. Non-academic, non-classified short-termemployees are at-will employees and have no entitlement rights toany position in the District. Professional Expert employment shallnot result in the displacement of Classified personnel.* Retired CalPERS Annuitants: may not exceed 960 hours in afiscal year (July 1 through June 30)*REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES:Works directly with the Supervisor in the coordination of theproject budget, delivery expectations, and tracking the status ofproject expectations and results. May assist or work directly asthe liaison with vendors, contractors, and outside agencies toensure contractual obligations are met. Provides feedback to thesupervisor related to project timeline, delivery, reporting andexpectations. OR Performs specialized and highly complexadministrative activities. Provide support for a large collegeprogram or several smaller programs and the Coordinator requiresthorough knowledge of program organization, operations, policiesand procedures.Qualifications and Physical DemandsEducation and Experience:Level I – Work experience and/or training in related jobcategory is required, including valid licenses and/orcertifications, if applicable.Level II – Extensive work experience and/or trainingthat is directly related to job category is required, includingvalid licenses and/or certifications, if applicable. DefinitionUnder general supervision, the Professional Expert providesassistance and support in accordance with assignments anddirections from the supervisor. Professional Experts:Have specialized knowledge or expertise not generally requiredof or found in the classifications established by theDistrict.Must be specially trained, experienced, or competent to performexpert services.Are used on a temporary basis for a specific project orprojects.Terms of employment will be described in the ProfessionalExpert Agreementlast_img read more

first_imgA new set of rules to try to prevent non-EU students and their dependents from using the student visa system to illegally immigrate to the UK has been announced this week.This follows the suspension of student visa applications from Nepal, northern India and Bangladesh last week.Last week’s suspensions came after a jump in applications of 11,700 in the final three months of last year in comparison to the same period the previous year, rising to 13,500 in northern India alone.The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, outlined that non-EU students must speak English to a level just below GCSE standard, work only 10 hours a week on courses below degree level, and cannot bring dependents into the UK for courses lasting less than six months.Courses must also be at an institution on the ‘Highly Trusted Sponsors List’, a new register designed to catch out fake colleges. Johnson said that 200 such colleges have been closed.“I am from North India, and this sucks”James Pitman, the Managing Director of Study Group, the UK’s largest independent provider of international students to the higher education sector, claimed the new laws “could be sensible”, but argued, “they should be carefully considered and applied only to those countries that represent a genuine threat to national security.”Whilst agreeing with Pitman on the potential benefits of the new laws, Jonny Medland, OUSU VP for Access and Academic Affairs, was angered by the suggestion that students from high risk countries should be further deterred from applying to UK colleges and universities.He commented “Students need to have good levels of English to make the most out of studying in the UK but this doesn’t need to be tied to crude profiling of students from countries deemed to be threatening to Britain. Students should be treated as individuals, rather than as possible suspects.”Medland further protested against the visa application suspension, stating, “A blanket suspension of student visas is not the right way of dealing with a complex problem – if visa applications are rising then the government needs to commit extra resources to process them.”Visa problems are not new. Last term, many Pakistani students had problems gaining entry to Oxford and other universities due to a backlog of 5,000 people as IT difficulties left many without a passport or visa. These problems are likely only to further the disproportionately low percentage of ethnic minorities at Oxford, currently 11.1% compared to a national percentage of 14.2%.Radhika Goyal, a first-year Economics and Management student from Chandigarh, northern India, accused the UK Border Agency of inefficiency even before the recent suspension.“I have had horrendous experiences with visa,” she claimed, adding, “it took me two and a half months… I received it on 3rd October, one day before my flight – I had planned to come on the 28th September previously. The visa made was incorrect – the UK student ID on the visa is incorrect so I have sent it to the border agency, over three and a half weeks now, no response.“I am from North India, and this sucks. Part of the reason I had to travel alone was because my mum couldn’t get a visa. The suspension is outrageous; imagine someone applying for autumn application. Just because numbers have risen doesn’t mean you stop giving out visas.”In response to the new laws and the problems facing foreign students, Oxford University responded simply “The proposed measures shouldn’t deter any of our candidates.”last_img read more

first_imgPapadosio has confirmed a show at The Caverns, the “world’s coolest venue” you might recognize from PBS’s Bluegrass Underground. The underground concert space in Pelham, TN will open its doors to Papadosio fans on Friday, August 10th, 2019 for the first time ever.Related: Watch Lettuce Perform “JB’s Squadlive” From ‘Bluegrass Underground’ EpisodeThe band’s announcement is sparse, promising more details to unfold in the coming months. Due to the location of the concert, the band will be offering several tiers of ticketing options, from General Admission to VIP and a variety of hotel packages near the venue. For a full list of options, head over to the event website. Stay tuned for more information!last_img

first_img Status shift for whale pelvic bones From the long necks of giraffes that help them reach treetops to the flexibility of a cheetah’s spine that helps it go from zero to sixty in three seconds, mammals not only have the figurative backbone to do amazing things, but, more importantly, they have the literal one. But they weren’t always that way. A new study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution by Harvard researchers and collaborators at the Field Museum of Natural History sheds light on how and when changes in the spine happened in mammal evolution. Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and curator of vertebrate paleontology Stephanie Pierce and postdoctoral researcher Katrina Jones discovered how a combination of developmental changes and adaptive pressures in the spines of synapsids, the extinct forerunners of mammals, laid the groundwork for the diversity of backbones seen in mammals today.Using a novel combination of techniques including biomechanical experimentation on the cadavers of two modern animals, a cat and a lizard, and CT scans of synapsid fossils, the researchers were able to reject the traditional notion that the gradual development of different regions (or independent sections) of the spine alone accounted for its evolving complexity. Instead, their evidence suggests that regions (like the thorax and lower back) evolved long before new spinal functions (such as bending and twisting). The study points to the idea that the right selective pressures or animal behaviors combined with these already-existing regions played a significant role in the evolution of their unique functions. The findings tap into the larger question of how mammals, including humans, evolved over millions of years. Mammals today, for instance, have developed compartmentalized spinal regions that take on a number of diverse shapes and functions without affecting other spinal regions. This has allowed the animals to adapt to different ways of life, said Jones, who was the study’s lead author.In a previous study the authors showed that extinct premammalian land animals developed these small but distinct regions during evolution. “What we were able to show in 2018 was that even though all the vertebrae looked very similar in early mammal ancestors, they had subtle differences and those subtle differences created distinct developmental regions,” Pierce said. “What we’re showing with this new study is that those distinct regions were really important as they provided the raw material that facilitated functional differentiation to happen. Basically, if you don’t have these distinct developmental regions in place and you have a selective pressure, all the vertebrae are going to adapt in the same way.”It’s long been thought that developing different spinal regions is one important step in evolving backbones with many functions, but Pierce and Jones show that this isn’t enough. An evolutionary trigger was also required, in this case the evolution of a highly active lifestyle that put new demands on the backbone.,“We’re trying to get at something that’s quite a fundamental evolutionary question which is: How does a relatively simple structure evolve into a complex one that can do lots of different things?” Jones said. “Is that determined by the limitations of development or natural selection related to the behavior of the animal?”The researchers compared the spines of two animals essentially on opposite ends of the evolutionary and anatomical spectrum: a cat, which has highly developed spinal regions, and a lizard, which has a pretty uniform backbone.They looked at how each animal’s spinal joints bent in different directions to measure how the form of the vertebrae reflects their function.They determined that while some spinal regions can function differently from one to the other, others do not. For example, the lizard’s backbone consisted of several distinct regions, but they all acted in the same way.Researchers, including Kenneth Angielczyk from the Field Museum of Natural History, then turned their focus to finding out when different regions started taking on different functions in the evolution of mammals. They took the cat and lizard data showing that if two joints in the spine looked different, they tended to have different functions. With that, they mapped out how spinal function in those fossils changed through time.“The earliest ancestors of mammals have a remarkably good fossil record considering that those animals lived between about 320 and 250 million years ago,” Angielczyk said. “We’re trying to get at something that’s quite a fundamental evolutionary question, which is: How does a relatively simple structure evolve into a complex one that can do lots of different things?” — Katrina Jones Written in the bones Unearthed bones bring Philistines to life Researchers found that, despite having the developmental regions capable of performing different functions, the level of functional variation seen in mammals today didn’t start to take hold until late in synapsid evolution.“We then hypothesized that maybe it was the evolution of some new mammalian behaviors that helped trigger this [in these late synapsids] and provided the natural selection that could exploit the regions that were already there,” Jones said.Their findings fit with the fact that the group in which this functional diversity occurs — the cynodonts, which existed around 250 million years ago and directly preceded mammals — have a number of mammalian features, including evidence they could breathe like mammals. The researchers believe that these mammal-like features shifted the job of breathing away from the backbone and ribs to the newly evolved diaphragm muscle, releasing the spine from an ancient biomechanical constraint. This enabled the backbone to adapt to interesting new behaviors, such as grooming fur, and take on new functions.Pierce and Jones don’t yet know what those functions looked like in these extinct animals, but they plan to focus on thatin future research.“It’s definitely not the end of the story,” Jones said.This research was supported with funding from the National Science Foundation and an AAA Postdoctoral Fellowship. Hard-earned breakthrough for Harvard-backed team ‘Useless vestiges’ no more, researchers say Doctoral students describe projects at the cutting edge of evolutionary inquiry Relatedlast_img read more

first_imgPledge Allegiance to George Takei Starts October 6 at Longacre TheatreBefore he was a Star Trek regular or a social media phenomenon, George Takei spent time as a child in a Japanese-American internment camp. Those experiences form the basis for Allegiance, a multi-generation musical set during World War II where veteran Sam Kimura and his sister Kei are faced to choose between their country and their family. Lea Salonga and Telly Leung star alongside Takei. Click for tickets! Hey, you, staring in front of your oven. That’s dangerous. It’s not that cold. What are you going to do in December? Light your coffee table on fire? The more prudent course is to stay busy. We got you covered. We have Sam Rockwell starring in Fool for Love, Lisa Howard’s solo show at 54 Below, and a nightcap with Nathan Lane. Here come this week’s picks! Share a Room with Sam Rockwell Opens October 8 at Samuel J. Friedman TheatreSam Rockwell is one of America’s finest actors. Put him in a Sam Shepard play? Good. Pair him with terrific Tony winner Nina Arianda? Better. Make that play the sexy, smoldering Fool for Love, where two ex-lovers have it out in a seedy motel room on the edge of the Mojave Desert? Outstanding. But get there pronto. This much-anticipated revival is only playing through December 6. Click for tickets! Sit Down for On Your Feet! Starts October 5 at Marquis TheatreGloria and Emilio Estefan have not only created hits galore—go to one wedding and not have a DJ spin “Conga”—they’ve been married for nearly 40 years. The emotional, musical story of Cuba’s most beloved exports comes to Broadway in On Your Feet!, which begins previews today. Newcomer Ana Villafane (who attended Gloria’s high school) and Josh Segarra star. Click for tickets! Let Nathan Lane Tuck You In October 8 on CBSLook at you attending all these shows. Good for you! It’s time to rest. Before you put on your Les Miz pajamas and dream a dream, drift off to The Late Late Show with James Corden, where Nathan Lane pays a visit. Actually, Lane Is always a fun guest; stay up for that. You can go to sleep once the infomercials hit, unless you’re looking for an easier way to make eggs. Get a Little Something with Lisa Howard October 8 to 10 at Feinstein’s/54 BelowIf you saw It Shoulda Been You or her performance on the Tonys, you know that Lisa Howard doesn’t just belt a tune—she knocks it into next week and kicks its ass when she encounters it again. You want to hear more? Well, we have the perfect opportunity: the Broadway veteran is performing her first solo show at 54 Below! Click for tickets! View Commentslast_img read more

first_imgThe Seattle Interactive Conference bills itself as “an annual event celebrating the convergence of online technology, creativity, and emerging trends in one of the world’s most innovative cities.” This year, several of my colleagues and I, representatives from both the strategy and creative teams, attended. It was a marathon. It was a sprint. It was two days of engaged learning, lively discussions, high octane coffee and information overload.Now a couple of weeks later, the mental dust has settled and I can see what things actually stuck with me: what challenged me, what truly inspired me, and on a practical level what made me think about my own work differently on behalf of my clients in the financial industry. So I offer to you my Top Ten Takeaways from #SIC17.1. Quit calling cooperation collaboration. We all pay lip service to the idea of collaboration when in reality we are simply cooperating with one another in order to get things done or helping to accomplish a task. Collaboration is key for successful brands and organizations, but it means shifting our perspective on what it means to collaborate.  True collaboration occurs when all parties work together, everyone has a voice and opportunity to make a real, active contribution and together shares the responsibility and ownership for the outcome. Collaboration builds this shared knowledge and it’s what allows teams to function without disruption. The analogy presented by Adam Pearson of Substantial was that the larger the number of team members that need to be hit by a bus in order for the project to come to a complete stop is an indicator of the degree of team collaboration.  So when it comes to brand stewardship, is your team collaborating or merely cooperating? continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_img continue reading » Comments on a proposed delay of the current expected credit loss (CECL) standard and NCUA’s “Second Chance” proposal are among the items with comments due in the September. A complete list of comment deadlines can be found on CUNA’s advocacy actions page.CECL is a new accounting standard that uses an “expected loss” measurement for the recognition of credit losses. The Financial Accounting Standards Board, who issued CECL, proposed a delay for CECL as it applies to credit unions to January 2023 (past the currently scheduled January 2022).Specifically, the proposal would create two groups with different implementation dates: Securities and Exchange Commission filers (except for small reporting companies as defined by the SEC) and all others, including credit unions. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_img“After the first promotional flights in France and over Zabok at the end of last year, the hot air balloon of the Papuk Nature Park at the end of February will be in or over Papuk “They point out from PP Papuk. The endless wooded parts, historical fortifications and other natural beauties of the Papuk Nature Park will be in the hands of all visitors to the first Croatian Geopark under the protection of UNESCO. Cooperation was established with the Zagreb Balloon Club, which is our main ambassador for air ballooning, and the first and largest club in Croatia. Namely, Papuk Nature Park is part of the project Geo stories UNESCO Geopark provided the purchase of balloons that will play the role of promoting the Park, as well as a new tourist product that will offer its guests through a unique experience of watching Papuk from a completely different perspective. By the way, Zagorje, as a tourist destination, is the first in Croatia to offer hot air ballooning, and which uses hot air balloons to promote the destination on both the domestic and European markets. Also, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival is being held in Zagorje, and just last year a branded balloon Zagorje – fairy tale at hand – a fairy tale in the palm of your hand flew over the English Channel as part of the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world and breaking the Guinness World Record. APPROVED FINANCING OF THE UNESCO GEOPRICE GEOPARK PROJECT PP PAPUK Photo: Balloon Club Zagreb And PP Papuk is a real example of continuous sustainable development and investment, and after NP Krka definitely the most active NP or PP in Croatia. Even undeservedly, it is not in the focus of both the national media and the indispensable part of the tourist offer of the whole of Slavonia. See what the first test flight of the PP Papuk balloon looked like The relatively new brand ‘UNESCO World Geoparks’ seeks to raise awareness of geodiversity and promote best practices in nature protection, education and tourism. The premiere balloon flight of GeoPrice Papuk took place on December 27th. 2018 at the balloon airport in Zagorje, when the pilots of the Zagreb Balloon Club tested the performance of the new balloon. “The Papuk GeoPriče hot air balloon will conquer heights in Croatia and abroad, thus promoting the Papuk Nature Park and Croatia throughout the country and the world. Balloon Club Zagreb is proud to be a part of this project and to play an active role in promoting the UNESCO GeoPark Papuk.”Point out from the Zagreb Balloon Club Soon a new tourist attraction will be seen above Papuk – a flying hot air balloon PP Papuk. RELATED NEWS: The value of the project is HRK 90.090.587,54 with 85% support from the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds, submitted to the Call for Proposals “Promoting sustainable use of natural heritage in national parks and nature parks”, within the Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion” in the financial period 2014-2020 PAPUK NATURE PARK THE FIRST CROATIAN GEOPARK UNDER UNESCO PROTECTIONlast_img read more

first_imgThe ship is currently being quarantined about 2 nautical miles off Makassar’s Soekarno-Hatta Port. People on board the ship have yet to embark.“The swab tests were conducted on board the ship, with KM Lambelu to sail to the port and return to its quarantine position once the tests are done,” Ichsan said.Read also: Concerns rise over importing COVID-19 as hundreds of Indonesian crewmen come homeIchsan added that the crew members who tested positive were isolated on the ship, under tight monitoring by health authorities who also provided the crewmen with masks, medicines and hand sanitizer. The crew members were also given food supplies.“No one disembarked from the ship, regardless of whether they tested positive or negative. They are isolated onboard so residents of [Makassar] should not worry about it,” he said.On Sunday, South Sulawesi recorded 18 new cases of COVID-19, excluding those on KM Lambelu, bringing the tally of new cases to 44 in the province.At least 222 people have so far tested positive in South Sulawesi, which had also reported 16 fatalities linked to the contagious virus as of Sunday. Thirty people have recovered, while 382 people are currently patients under surveillance (PDP).Of the 382 PDP, 125 have recovered and 30 have died. The province has 2,672 people under monitoring (ODP) suspected of having been infected by the virus.According to the government’s official count as of Sunday, the number of infected people in Indonesia has reached 4,241, with 373 fatalities recorded nationwide. (asp)Topics : The second wave of the swab tests was scheduled for Monday, in which 99 other crew members of the vessel, owned by state ship operator PT Pelni, were set to be examined.The ship arrived in Makassar on Friday after sailing from Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, with 141 people on board.  KM Lambelu had carried a total of 238 passengers and it was not allowed to dock at Lorens Say Port in Maumere last week by Sikka regent Fransiskus Roberto Diogo, as three people on board the vessel had reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus.Health authorities in Sikka regency took all the passengers into quarantine on Tuesday and conducted rapid tests. The ship then headed to Makassar as some passengers had tested positive. The South Sulawesi Health Agency confirmed on Sunday that 26 out of 42 crew members of KM Lambelu had tested positive for COVID-19 after undertaking swab tests in the provincial capital of Makassar.The health agency’s head, Ichsan Mustari, announced the test results through a video conference on Sunday evening.“From the first stage of swab testing conducted for the 42 crew members being quarantined off the coast of Makassar, the result shows that 26 people are positive while the remaining 16 are negative,” he said.last_img read more

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